Leicester man charged with terrorism offences – friends in low places

From the Leicester Mercury  Sky News and Guido Fawkes and the Order-Order blog

Majid Novsarka, also known as Majid Freeman, was charged by Leicestershire Police following the arrest of a man in Leicester’s Cecil Road on Tuesday (July 9) on suspicion of terrorism offences.

The force has now said it had charged Novsarka, 36, with encouragement of terrorism and supporting a proscribed organisation.

Novsarka, who is from Leicester, was a staunch advocate for Shockat Adamwho won the seat of Leicester South in last week’s general election, ousting Labour’s then shadow paymaster general Jonathan Ashworth from the constituency by 979 votes.

Novsarka has posted numerous messages in support of the new MP, including saying “the best man won” after the vote.

Leicester South’s new MP enthusiastically shared a video of his Labour rival being harassed in the street during the campaign. Ashworth was followed and shouted at about abstaining on a Palestine-related vote. Patel finished his Twitter rant: “If you don’t want to be asked questions by the public when you are canvassing on our streets then maybe you should just stay at home?

Novsarka, of Cecil Road, has been released on bail. He is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, July 24.

Shokat Adam, also know as Shokat Adam Patel could disassociate himself from a colleague from the campaign office; he’s going to have a harder time denying connection with his brother.

Patel happens to be the brother an Islamist group founder who “saluted” the terrorist attacks of 7th October…

From Jewish News

A newly elected MP who dedicated his victory to “the people of Gaza” is the brother of the founder of the hardline Islamist group Friends of Al Aqsa, it can be revealed.

Shockat Adam was the surprise winner in Leicester South in Thursday’s general election, where he took the seat from former Labour shadow minister Jonathan Ashworth, one of Keir Starmer’s most trusted media performers.

At the count, where Adam’s narrow victory over the former shadow paymaster general was confirmed, he was passed a black and white keffiyah headscarf from somebody in the audience as he gave his victory speech, and announced in a “humble gesture” that it had been “for the people of Gaza”.

Neglecting to use his surname (Patel is most commonly a Hindu surname, originally associated with a merchant caste from the Mumbai area) for his community-based campaign in the east Midlands, it has emerged Adam is the brother of Ismail Patel, who has previously visited Hamas leaders in Gaza, and has said he “saluted” the group for resisting Israel. Patel founded the Friends of Al Aqsa group in his Leicester home city in the mid 1990s, and has played a leading role in the pro-Palestine demos that have flourished across the UK since the October 7 Hamas terror atrocity in Israel.



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