Lisa Benson Show – Michael Rubin and Sylvia Hoehns-Wright on M.E. & U.S. Islamic Supremacy

The Lisa Benson Show had two guests  on the Sunday, October 4, 2015, Dr. Michael Rubin  and Ms. Sylvia Hoehns-Wright who addressed Islamic Supremacy in the Middle East and here in the US.  Rubin is  Resident Scholar at the Washington, DC-based American Enterprise  Institute and author of Dancing with the Devil: The Perils of Engaging Rogue Regimes.    See our March 2014 book review and interview with Rubin, here and here. Ms. Hoehns- Wright , a noted expert horticulturalist and was the  subject of a September 2015  New English  Review article, The Battle for Hoehns Road: Property Rights versus Muslim Supremacy.

Rubin addressed :

  • Russian President Putin’s Great Game in the Middle East and Eastern Europe;
  • Putin’s  alliance with Shia Supremacist Iran in Syria bolstering Assad who facilitated the rise of the Islamic State;
  •  Israel facing a possible  Palestinian Third Intifada  encircled with  Iranian Revolutionary Guards  on the Golan and proxies Hamas and Hezbollah  supported by Tehran seeking to extinguish the Jewish  nation,  a US ally;
  • The failures of President Obama’s policies in both the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

  Ms. Hoehns – Wright eloquently addressed:

  • The adverse verdict in  the recent Henrico County Virginia  now threatening both  her and her neighbors legacy property rights in a Lawfare Campaign  brought by the Islamic Center of Richmond;
  • The US Justice department  Federal Court consent decree that  forced  Henrico County  officials to  be subject to  Muslim diversity training;
  •  The trial testimony by  ICR  revealing  its connections  to the Muslim Brotherhood;
  • The  threat of a future business conspiracy trial against her and her neighbors  in the trial judge’s ruling;’and,
  • The necessity of amending existing Commonwealth of Virginia anti-SLAPP suit statute to combat Lawfare by Muslim Supremacists.

LISTEN HERE to the  SoundCloud  pod cast of October 4, 2014 Lisa Benson Show with  host, Lisa Benson and  co-host Jerry Gordon, a Senior Editor of the New English Review.



3 Responses

  1. Testimony of County officials during trial influence jury to view trespassing of private road by Vohra and ICR members as acceptable and prevented the ability to acquire ‘injunctive relief’ from liability of such trespassers. Lawfare continues – a gofundme is established – please link and share – your thoughts, prayers and donations are sincerely appreciated –

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