LONDON, April 2: Vigil in Solidarity with Persecuted Pakistani Christians


It is of course very short notice, but here is a chance for persons of goodwill in the UK to stand up and be counted.  The British Pakistani Christian Association is holding a rally in London on Saturday 2 April 2016, to show support for the families of the – mainly Christian – victims of the jihadist bombing that was perpetrated in Lahore, Pakistan, on Easter Sunday.

Details as supplied by the British Pakistani Christian Association at their website here:

‘Human Rights Groups Hold Peace Vigil For Targeted Christians of Pakistan.

‘LONDON.  Stand together in unity with the families of the victims of the Lahore Easter suicide bombing.

Join a rally outside Pakistan’s High Commission at 10.00 am on Saturday 2nd April 2016.

Address: Pakistan High Commission, 34-36 Lowndes Square, London SW1X9JN.

‘The peaceful protest will call on governments to do more to protect vulnerable religious minorities by adopting firmer measures to address the scourge of unchecked fundamentalism.

‘The peaceful protest will move to 10 Downing Street, before closing at 14.00 pm [that is: 2 pm].

‘Petitions will be submitted at both locations.

I would encourage our readers in the UK to go to the BPCA website and add their signatures to those petitions.  Individual letters written to your MPs and to the relevant Cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister would be a good thing to do as well.  If you are unable to attend the rally – and I know it is very short notice – then suitable letters (a quick read-around at the BPCA website should supply you with plenty of inspiration; one of their ongoing campaigns is an attempt to get the British government to use its ‘foreign aid’ leverage to put pressure on abominable Islamic Pakistan re. the gross and ever-worsening human rights abuses perpetrated particularly upon non-Muslims in that country) would be a good way to add your voice to the cause. – CM

‘The event is being organised by the British Pakistani Christian Association in conjunction with social justice activists including Woolwich band Ooberfuse.

‘The horrors of the Easter massacre, deliberately targeting children [who were] enjoying the high point of the Easter celebrations, have shocked the globe.

‘Jesus’ resurrection from the tomb will be a focus of this event and will be prayerfully reflected upon.

‘We will also have speakers from various religious backgrounds calling for the unity of mankind against oppression.

Mr Wilson Chowdhry, a founder of the BPCA, was actually interviewed by the BBC in relation to this latest atrocity; you can watch the clip at the BPCA website.

‘Music and street performances will be used to highlight the need for a united front against the forces of persecution that are fuelled by hatred and which target vulnerable religious minorities.

To speak more plainly: the persecution of Christians and other mostly-non-muslim minorities in Pakistan issues from the core of Islam;  from the hatred that Islam incites and commands against all Kuffar and against insufficiently-islamic or wrong-sect Muslims.  This is something that well-informed persons who attend the rally may be able to gently share with those among other attendees and among passersby who may not yet fully understand why Pakistan treats its non-Islamic or other-sect-Muslim minorities so badly.  Note that I say, ‘gently share’.  The ‘Citizen Warrior’ website offers much helpful advice on how to lead people toward a greater comprehension of the Meaning and Menace of Islam. –  CM

‘Guest speakers include: Reverend Timothy Dorjey (Christian Pastor), Ranbir Singh (Hindu Human Rights Group), John Michael (Former Chaplain for Dubai), Lyn Julius (HARIF, representing African and Middle Eastern Jews) and others.”

You can sign their petition/s at the BPCA website, so please do click on the link I have given above.

All occasions such as this offer an excellent opportunity to stand up and be counted; to make connections and establish alliances among those who are aware – perhaps even if only in part – of the Meaning and Menace of Islam; and to raise awareness among the general public.  

It is my hope that despite the shortness of notice at least some among NER’s UK readership may be able to get to London on 2 April to join this protest rally and vigil.  The larger the number of persons attending, the better to send a message both to the government of Britain and to the government of Pakistan… and not only to Pakistan but to the rest of the Ummah.

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