Londoners ‘educated’ into supporting policies like Ulez, says Khan. American friends! Do not believe this man.

He is lying. Lying about ULEZ, lying about the resistance of true Londoners to it. From the Telegraph

Londoners were “educated” into supporting policies to combat air pollution such as Ulez, Sadiq Khan has suggested.

The capital’s Mayor told the UN Climate Ambition Summit in New York on Sunday that he had “permission” to bring in bold policies once Londoners had been told about the consequences of air pollution.

His comments come three weeks after the expansion of London’s ultra-low emission zone (Ulez) to cover the whole of London.

Mr Khan said he had faced hostility “from a vocal minority drowning out a silent majority” on Ulez, adding that it was important “to take people with you” on climate policy. “In London, we spent some time educating people about the consequences of air pollution that are linked to climate change,” he said. “Once they were aware it wasn’t just an environmental but also a health crisis, we had permission to bring in bold policies.

He has no such permission and resistance is growing. I have seen it with my own eyes.  The blade runners are energetic and resourceful. 

Recent polling has shown that Mr Khan’s popularity has dropped following the Ulez expansion, and he is now just one percentage point ahead of Ms Hall in the mayoral race. Of course he has the the love of a certain demographic and the postal votes sewn up; 50 voters in a one bedroom flat most of whom returned to Pakistan or died a decade ago, repeat as many times as needed. 

The London Mayor also said politicians needed to be “better storytellers”, adding: “If we get things wrong, if we have policies that are unpopular, we’ll be voted out.” Or your fictions get found out…

Ahead of his visit to New York, Mr Khan said he was “determined for London to continue being a world leader in tackling the twin dangers of air pollution and the climate emergency so that we can deliver a brighter future”.


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