Magen Davids daubed on homes and banks in Paris

Antisemitic thugs are spray-painting blue stars of David onto buildings in Paris in a chilling echo of Nazi Germany.

A French Jewish journalist told the JC that a number of buildings on his street had been marked with the daubings.

In some cases, known Jewish homes were targeted while elsewhere buildings linked to antisemitic conspiracy theories were vandalised, such as banks. The journalist, who did not want to be identified, said that the same stencilled design had been seen on buildings right across his area of Paris, the 14th Arrondissement.

He added that police were investigating.

He said: “This is not a major Jewish area, and I asked the concierge in one of the buildings that had been marked with a star whether any Jews lived there. She did not know. I suppose it was because whoever did it had looked at the names by the intercom and believed they were Jewish.”

He said it made him feel “nausea” to see evidence of antisemitism on walls near his home and asked “how far will it go on like this?”


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  1. Imagine and prepare for the worst. Let your anxiety keep you awake and be your guide.
    What would you do today if you and yours were threatened tomorrow?
    All of those who should have known better were lax and now some are dead. Will survivors ever re-lax.
    Are you laxing now? If so, how stupid and suicidal.
    I know, you’re thinking NIMBY! Check your Front Yard 24/7 !

  2. Dear passive apathetic:
    Please don’t let the haters win the Symbol Memeology contest. Insist that every structure’s entrance and exit and rooftop display a bold-sized Magen David — structures including mosques, madrassas. Hindu temples, schools may reciprocate by displaying their culture’s swastikas if they wish to recoup their stolen heritage symbol of peace and decency.
    Once we integrate the significance of the symbols, we can all get to disintegrating the stupidities supporting greed, cruelty, and AI ( Arrogant Ignorance ).

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