Maine teen accused of plotting ISIS inspired attack on Chicago-area mosque pleads not guilty

From ABC7 Chicago

ABC7 I-Team only news organization to attend virtual court hearing.

CHICAGO (WLS) — There are new developments in a Chicago terrorism threat that authorities say originated in Maine. A teenager there is charged in an alleged plot to blow up a mosque in Chicago.

Among the evidence FBI agents say they found in a Waterville, Maine home was an ISIS flag on the bedroom wall of 18-year-old suspect Xavier Pelkey.
Federal authorities say they also found alleged bomb components and evidence of what they claim was an ISIS-inspired plot to commit “mass murder” at Chicago area places of worship.

Pelkey is charged with possession of destructive devices. According to a federal complaint, the devices contained shrapnel to maximize injuries if detonated.

He was arrested about a week after federal agents in Chicago raided the home of a 15-year-old alleged counterpart in the plot to attack a Shi’a Muslim mosque in Chicago. Guns were seized in the Chicago raid. The 15-year-old has not been charged. A Kentucky 17-year-old was also said to be involved, but he hasn’t been charged either.

Authorities haven’t named the mosque, but say there was a plan to kill mass numbers of people using the homemade devices. Investigators say the Maine teenager planned to die during the Chicago attack after being shot by law enforcement.

A June 7 trial date has been set.


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