Marry and multiply’ women in the north reportedly told


From the Cyprus Mail, photograph A Savin

Women should marry and reproduce, ‘head of religious affairs’ in the north Ahmet Unsal reportedly told a seminar in occupied Famagusta, it emerged on Tuesday.

According to Turkish Cypriot media outlet Bugun Kibris, Unsal was delivering a seminar at the Polat Pasha mosque on Monday informing women about their roles and duties within the society titled ‘The rights and obligations of marriage in Islam’, which was also attended by young girls.

“Women should marry and reproduce,” Unsal said during the seminar. “When a girl finds a match, it is necessary to marry immediately, without waiting. “Religion tells us to marry and multiply. The Islamic community must be kept numerous,” the official said.

He also added that being married without having children needs to be avoided “at all costs” and that women “should respond to their men’s desires without hesitation. “The reason for getting married is to procreate, not to have fun!

Unsal’s controversial statements come on the back of increasing worries of radicalistation in the north.

According to Ozgur Gazete in the north, the organisation Association of Love and Brotherhood (Sevkad) has been conducting various activities to promote Islam in the Turkish Cypriot community, including approaching minors, holding ‘teaching’ meetings at various flats and offices, promising housing to students, and even standing outside well-known mosques with the word ‘jihad’ on banners.

The website showed photos of the group standing outside mosques in Nicosia and Famagusta holding banners saying ‘Life, Faith, Jihad’,

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  1. Hijrah.
    The other automatic way to paradise is Jihad.

    Other than those two choices, there is no certainty for a Muslim to reach paradise.

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