Mayor (UMP) Of Venelles Proposes Changing The Constitution To Prohibit Islam In France


Instead of denouncing the proposal made in this tweet, others might have used the occasion to raise the question: what is it about Islam that is so dangerous to the people and civilisation of France? How is Islam compatible with freedom of speech, free exercise of (any other) faith, and freedom of conscience (including the right of apostasy), equal treatment of the sexes, the spirit of free inquiry? It isn’t, and as Muslims grow more numerous and thus more powerful, they increase their pressure, formal and informal, on all of those principles. And their doctrine is appealing to the psychically and socially marginal, for whom Islam provides a Total Explanation of the Universe that turns the merely slightly-off into great threats to society. There is nowhere in the West that Muslims have jettisoned any part of Islam; the need, while still in a state of relative weakness, by many Muslims to continue to throw up a smoke-screen, to present Islam as something other than what it is, in order to be free of critical examination of what is in Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira, and how Islam is permanently incompatible with Western laws and customs and attitudes, is simply Jihad by means other than violence.

The intelligent will seize on his remarks to discuss all the ways that Islam undermines Western society and freedoms. One could begin, for example, with this: in the Western democracies, the political legitimacy of any government depends on whether that government represents, however imperfectly, the will expressed by the people; in Islam, the political legitimacy of the Ruler or rulers depends on whether that ruler or rulers reflects the will expressed by Allah, as set down in the Qur’an, and as glossed by the Sunnah. Discussion of that difference would constitute a good, eye-opening start.



Perhaps the discussion of that incompatibility, of Islam and those Western laws and customs,  will be prompted by his demand for a change to the French Constitution.

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  1. It is very, very telling that a Mayor, in France, and one who is not a member of the FN either, should raise this subject at all.

    Thought for the day: what if *other* Mayors were to follow suit, and not only France?

    Back in the day, there were local Councils (City councils, usually) that with great fanfare would declare themselves to be a “Nuclear Free Zone”.

    Well…what if this or that City or Shire or Municipality or County, as Islamoawareness spreads in the West (and not only the WEst) were to start declaring themselves “Sharia Free Zones” and actively opposing the entry of Muslilms into their “patch” – and encouraging the departure of Muslims, and refusing *any* and *all* accommodation of Muslims, by – for example – refusing to grant permission for the building of mosques and / or Islamic schools – on the grounds that where you have Muslims, there – sooner or later – you have jihad plots, which are very expensive to prevent from happening, and disastrous if they are not prevented?

  2. I don’t see what the problem is. Muslims don’t have a reliable track record when it comes to the values of western society. They collaborated with the nazis, they made it quite clear their intentions to wipe christians and jews off the face of the earth. Anyone who would want them to stay would obviously have ulterior motives.

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