Medical student in plot to assassinate police and soldiers in drive-by London shootings, court hears


From the Telegraph

A British Islamist fanatic dubbed “The Surgeon” led an Isil-inspired plot to assassinate police and soldiers in a series of drive-by shootings in the UK, a court heard.

Medical student Tarik Hassane, 22, was the ringleader of a four-man terror cell that had obtained a gun and silencer and were looking to buy a scooter which would have resulted in a “terrorist murder or murders on the streets of London”, the Old Bailey was told. He also conducted “hostile reconnaissance” online of Shepherd’s Bush police station and the Parachute Regiment Territorial Army barracks in White City

He had declared allegiance to Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (Isil) just a month after it had declared itself the Islamist State in June 2014. Hassane planned to become a “lone wolf” attacker after his co-conspirators were arrested, the court was told.

Close friend Suhaib Majeed, a physics student, was said to be an “essential cog in the machine” of the plot and responsible for secret communications. Nathan Cuffy supplied the weapon and “armed the plot” while Nyall Hamlett was the “middleman” between him the other two, jurors were told.

Opening the prosecution case, Brian Altman QC said: “With their arrests, the police successfully disrupted a plot to kill a police officers, a soldier or possibly even a civilian, in one or more terrorist attacks, which, if the plot had been allowed to run its course would have resulted in a terrorist murder or murders on the streets of London, according to the warped ideology of the defendants, in the cause, and for the sake, of Allah. The plot was undoubtedly influenced by the happenings in Syria and Iraq and the rise of Isil, which in late June 2014 was renamed Islamic State, when the organisation pronounced itself to be a worldwide Caliphate.”

Although the plot was already underway, the group was inspired by a fatwa issued by Isil in September 2014 that called on followers to “kill disbelievers” in the West, he added. “This was no religious edict or verdict. This was nothing short of direct encouragement and incitement to Muslims living in the West to go out and kill non-believers in their home countries,” Mr Altman said.

The four deny conspiracy to murder, preparing terrorist acts and a series of related charges.

A fifth man, Ayman Aziz – a close associate of Hassane and Majeed, the “central figures in the plot” – was in contact with Hassane and occasionally in London. He is believed to be abroad,

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  1. Islam, producing and recruiting mass-murder-minded thugs from all ethnic groups.

    Look at those four plotters.

    Two ethnically-“Arab” born-and-raised-in-Islam plotters; and two born-in-Britain converts to Islam, one black, one white, both – to judge from their names – born and raised in non-Islamic families. (One wonders when and where they said their Shahadas; who dawa-ised them? One hopes someone is *investigating* that).

    Murder-minded Mohammedthugs, the lot of them.

    The first two, or their Muslim parents if they themselves were born in Britain, should never have been permitted into the UK.

    As for the converts: if there were no imported Ummah, perhaps the native-born Infidel thugs and losers would not have quite as much contact with Islamic dawa not as many opportunities/incentives to convert to Islam and join the Mohammedan Mob, the Allah Gang. They might just join some third-rate non-ideologically-defined Gang simple, or some slightly less dangerous non-Islamic cult, instead.

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