Melbourne, Australia: Yet Another Murderous Jihad Plot Is Fortunately Foiled

In April some Mohammedans in Melbourne had been plotting to carry out a murderous attack on Anzac Day, one of Australia’s significant national days.  In May, we find out that another Mohammedan – it’s a safe bet that he’s a Mohammedan – has been plotting to carry out a murderous attack on Mother’s Day.  

But neither the Yahoonews report nor the two reports that appeared in our ABC have seen fit to mention the M-word, the J-word, the I-word, You Know Who, You Know What, or Them As Mustn’t Be Named from the Religion that Must Not Be Named.  

Here’s the version that appeared on Yahoonews; the reporter is one Melissa Meehan.

‘Terror raids saved Vic lives: police”.

‘A 17 year old Melbourne boy has been charged with planning a terrorism attack using home-made bombs, with police saying a tip-off from the public is sure to have saved the lives of innocent people.

‘The teenager was charged with terrorism-related offences following a raid at a house in Greenvale in Melbourne’s north on Friday night.

‘The arrest, and allegation the teenager was preparing a terrorist attack in Australia, has left his family shocked and distraught.

Shocked and distraught that he had made a bomb in order to kill people, or shocked and distraught that he’s been found out and arrested before he could set it off and kill lots of the dirty unbelievers? – CM

‘While police say they can’t be sure where or when the attack would occur, Australia Federal Police Deputy Commissioner Michael Phelan says they are sure the threat was “imminent”.

‘Mr Phelan described the three improvised explosive devices found at the home as “rudimentary” but said the raids were necessary to protect the public.

‘The bomb squad later detonated the explosive devices at a nearby park after setting up an exclusion zone.

“As a result of Australian Federal Police and Victoria Police actions yesterday some Victorians are going to be alive because of it”, Mr Phelan said on Saturday.

‘Equipment associated with making explosive devices was also found during a search of the property, he said.

‘Victorian Acting Deputy Commissioner Robert Hill said this case had been subject to an intense investigation, especially over the last nine days, following a tip-off from a member of the public.

Somebody had their wits about them. – CM

‘He says they are confident they have this particular threat contained, and that no other family members are involved.

Sure? Certain sure? – CM

“We have dealt with his family…they are now very, very distraught as a consequence of what is alleged”, Mr Hill said.

“It has undoubtedly taken them by surprise”.

They had no idea that he was building bombs in his bedroom, or in the basement, or in the attic (judging from photos attached to some of the reports I have seen, it was a palatial two-storey McMansion)?  No idea at all?  No idea who he was talking to, where he was going, that sort of thing? Really?  Sorry, Mr Hill, but when dealing with Mohammedans you need to become a lot more cynical and suspicious.  Ever heard of kitman and other forms of authorised and carefully thought out Mohammedan deceit? – CM

‘Due to the youth’s age, police were careful in what they could tell the waiting media on Saturday, but Mr Phelan said it was “deeply troubling” that young people would consider engaging in such acts.

‘Young people’. No: say, rather, “Young Muslims”.  Male or female, these plotters of mayhem, as well as those who’ve gone off from Australia, and from any number of other countries, to join the beheaders and torturers and slave-traders and rapists of Islamic State (and similar outfits) are all Muslims.  Not Buddhists, not HIndus, not Christians, not atheists; MUSLIMS.  And if you knew anything at all about the contents of the Islamic texts, in particular the figure of Mohammed as depicted in those texts, and about the history of Islam, Mr Phelan, you wouldn’t be surprised at all by the fact that young persons raised in or converting to the Religion of Blood and War – whose ultimate goal is Total World Domination – are ready and willing to kill non-Muslims and/ or other Muslims who are deemed insufficiently-Islamic or the wrong kind of  Muslim.  – CM

‘The young man has been remanded in custody and is expected to face a closed Children’s Court hearing on Monday.’

‘His name will not be released.

‘Speaking in Darwin, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said it was a “tragic truth” (no, it’s an ugly fact – CM) that there were people (“people”! is that the best you can do, PM?  Why not just spit it out and say, “Muslims”? We all know that it’s Muslims, anyway – CM) who wanted to do Australians harm.

“The best thing you can do right now is live your life normally (whilst keeping a close and beady eye upon the activities and demeanour of any and all identifiable Mohammedans anywhere in your vicinity – CM) because the point of terrorism is to scare us out of being ourselves”, Mr Abbott told reporters.

No, not quite. The point of Jihad is to terrorise us into submitting to Islam, whether as converts or as grovelling jizya-paying dhimmis; and if we don’t convert or reject dhimmi status, then Jihad is waged in order to exterminate us from the face of the earth.  Read Surah 9.5 and Surah 9.29, Prime Minister. And get it through your head that a lot of Muslims take those texts entirely seriously and are fully prepared to obey them.  Here. Within our gates. – CM

“Because after all, our freedom, our fairness, our tolerance, our welcome to people from all around the world…that’s what the death cult and its supporters hate.”

Not quite.  Our foolish willingness to allow Muslims from all around the world into our country – it isn’t just the ones who arrive illegally on boats, it’s all the others who have been and are being admitted legally – is a weakness that the Ummah is exploiting to the fullest extent, in order to establish in our midst ever-expanding and aggressive colonies, beachheads of the Empire of Islam.  We would do well to put a ban on all further admission of Muslims wiithin our gates.  And when you say “death cult” you’re not going far enough; you’re applying it only to Islamic State, and pretending that it’s sui generis, whereas you should be biting the bullet and applying the descriptor “death cult” to the whole thing, the thing without which Islamic State would not exist – Islam. Islam itself is a death cult, a cult of murder and enslavement and rape and robbery; the behaviour of Islamic State jihadis is seamlessly of a piece with the conduct of Mohammed and his companions as gleefully reported in the canonical texts of Islam and also of a piece with the conduct of Muslims waging jihad on three continents for the past 1400 years. – CM

‘There have been reports the teenager had intended to target Mother’s Day, although police have reiterated they have “no specific intelligence identifying any events as targets”.

‘The media’s identifying of possible targets could cause unnecessary public alarm, Victoria Police also warned.

Basically, anywhere and anything difficult to secure, with large numbers of unsuspecting non-Muslims, preferably including women and young children in close proximity to one another so as to offer a potentially high number of “kills” for allah, must be assumed to be a target.  Muslims love ‘soft’ targets, as we saw at Beslan and Mumbai and at the Boston Marathon. – CM

‘Police also say there are no links to Operation Rising, in which 200 heavily-armed officers stormed properties in Melbourne’s south-east on April 18, over an alleged Islamic State-inspired terror plot planned for Anzac Day.

That, by the way, is the only time Ms Meehan uses the I-word in this entire article. – CM

‘In those raids five men (sic: five Muslim men; if they were not Muslims, they would not have been hatching the plot in the first place – CM) were arrested and three were later charged.

‘Nor can police confirm if the raids were linked to a reported arrest of a 14 year old boy in Sydney on Friday.

Thought for the day: given that Mohammedans know that under Australian law, as under the laws of western countries generally, persons aged 17 and under who commit crimes are not usually identified by name in news reports, and that they are generally treated with greater leniency, is it not conceivable that we are going to see a lot more of this kind of thing?  That it is the 12-17 year old Muslims who will be the ones building the bombs and carrying out the attacks, whilst those older persons in the Muslim Mob who are encouraging and programming them to do it remain discreetly out of sight…or stand in plain sight, wailing and wringing their hands and pretending to be shocked! horrified! terribly distressed! we never had a clue!  When ‘honor’ murders are carried out by Muslims within non-Muslim lands, it is often ‘juveniles’ who are commissioned by the rest of the family to do the actual killing, because the Muslims know that a 16 or 17 year old will be classed as a ‘juvenile’ and treated less severely than a 21 year old or a 30 year old. – CM

‘The NSW Police Joint Counter Terrorism Team said officers also attended locations in Sydney on Friday, however no arrests were made.  

‘Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews thanked security agencies for their professionalism and dedication following Friday’s raids.

“This intense and methodical operation kept Victorians safe”, he told reporters on Saturday.

It saved the lives of Victorian Infidels. – CM

‘briefed on Friday night by the acting police commissioner about the operation, Mr Andrews would not comment further on the specifics of the case.  But he said the government would continue to work with agencies to ensure Victorians were kept out of harm’s way.

Righto. Then start telling the Federal Government that the State of Victoria – having had in the space of less than two months two murderous jihad attacks fortunately detected and foiled  – would like to see all further Muslim immigration into Australia stopped. Now.  

And now for our reliably Islamophile ABC and its similarly-mealy-mouthed reporting.

Item 1; how they broke the story.

‘Melbourne Anti-Terrorism Raids: Police uncover explosive devices at Greenvale house in city’s north”.

‘Several explosive devices have been found at a house (and what a house!  Be sure to click on all the links I’ve provided; they will allow you to see a house that shows you that our murderous young jihadi builder-of-bombs was most assuredly not living on “Struggle Street”.  It’s a plush and shiny-new and well-kept McMansion in a greenfields suburb. – CM) during counterterrorism raids in Melbourne’s north.

‘Heavily armed police stormed the house in Greenvale about midday in a joint operation between Victoria Police and the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

‘Balaclava-clad officers with assault rifles stood guard around a two-storey home while heavily-armoured vehicles blocked off the street.

Excellent.  A sudden demonstration of overwhelming force, heading off any potential nonsense from the Mohammedan Insta-Mob that is all too likely to form when Infidel Law Enforcement is attempting to arrest a Mohammedan suspect or execute a search warrant upon Mohammedan-inhabited premises. – CM

‘Bomb squad members in blast suits were seen searching the property.

Taking no chances.  Leaving aside the possibility of lurking attackers and/ or booby traps, there’s also the fact that mohammedan bomb-makers don’t seem to be terribly big on Occupational Health and Safety Procedures.  I recall one case of a bloke in the UK – a very devout convert to Islam – who was keeping some highly-unstable explosives inside a biscuit tin in his kitchen, whilst his explosive vest was hanging up on a hook behind the bedroom door. – CM

‘A source has confirmed the joint operation relates to an alleged terrorism plot.

‘Police have not yet confirmed if there have been any arrests or if the operation relates to any other recent anti-terrorism raids, but they will hold a press conference later this morning.

‘The “improvised explosive devices” were removed from the house on Clare Boulevard, and the house was declared safe, police said in a statement.

‘Police set up a 300 metre exclusion zone around a mearbu reserve before detonating the explosives.

‘The raids come just weeks after police arrested several teenagers (several teenage Muslims – CM) during anti-terror raids in Melbourne’s south-east.

‘It is alleged those involved were conspiring to commit a terrorist attack on Anzac Day in Melbourne.

‘Harun Causevic, 18, appeared in court today over the matter and was refused bail by a Melbourne magistrate.

The magistrate is sensible. – CM

‘Police in Victoria will no longer be allowed to work alone under new safety procedures put in place because of heightened security concerns.

And now for the ABC’s follow-up story.  Observe, yet again, the complete absence of any reference to Islam whatsoever. – CM

“Teen Charged With Terrorism Offences After Melbourne Police Raids”.

“A 17 year old boy has been charged with terrorism offences following a raid by State and Federal police at a home in Greenvale in Melbourne’s north, thwarting what police described as “an imminent threat to the community”.

‘Heavily-armed officers from Victoria Police and the Australian Federal Police swarmed the large two-storey home on Clare Boulevard in Greenvale on Friday afternoon.

‘The teen was charged on Friday afternoon with engaging in an act in preparation for, or planning, a terrorist act.

‘Police said the alleged attack was to target a location in Australia.

‘They said it will be alleged the teenager was undertaking preparation for an act of terrorism, as well as possessing things that relate to the commission of a terrorism act.

“Victoria Police have been working with the Australian Federal Police and other security agencies dealing with an imminent threat to the community of Victoria”, Acting Deputy Commissioner Robert Hill from Victoria Police said.

“This matter has been subject to an intense investigation, especially over the last nine days.

“The investigation has been methodical. Our resolution phase has been precise and measured.

“On Thursday afternoon an agreement was reached that we would resolve this matter with direct action.”

‘Deputy Commissioner Hill said the teenager was arrested as he was leaving the house.

“The facts are this: as a male was leaving that address in a motor car with a female he was intercepted by our specialist police.  The 17 year old male was taken into custody. The female was secured.

“We then cordon-contained the address and we asked the three other occupants in the house to come forward in which they did.”

‘He is expected to appear in court on Monday.

Because he’s 17 we won’t be told his name. But with any luck if the court appearance is reported there will be pictures of our juvenile jihadi’s family-and-friends cheer squad, with females in tell-tale Islamic dress, just to confirm what everyone already suspects.  – CM

‘Police said there were no links to last month’s terror raids in Melbourne’s south-east, which saw two teenagers being charged with planning an alleged attack.

“No links”… except this: that in both cases the plotters were active members of the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob. – CM

‘AFP Deputy Commissioner Mike Phelan said it was unclear when the teen (call him the “young Muslim man” – CM) planned to carry out the alleged plot, or if he was acting alone.

If he is from a Muslim family, which is most probable, what mosque do he and/ or family and extended family attend?  If a convert to Islam …where and when did he convert, who witnessed it, what mosque does he attend? –  CM

‘He said the original tip to polcie came from a report made to the national security hotline.

“There’s a lot of speculation about what’s been planned around this particular investigation but national security investigations by their very nature are complex and dynamic”, he said.

The less said about who and what it was that put the infidel Authorities onto the track of this would-be murderous young thug, the better.  Mohammedans don’t need to know how we find out what they’re up to nor how we track them down. – CM

“At this point in time we’ve got to examine a lot of material that was seized at the premises, sift through a lot of intelligence, we have to get the full picture, so we may not know exactly where it was going to occur nor when it was exactly going to occur.

‘A lot of material that was seized at the premises’. A lot of material.  How much?  That, to me, makes nonsense of the family’s protestations of shock and distress, their claimed ignorance of what this young man was plotting – and had concocted and was keeping – under the family roof. – CM

“But let me tell you, something was going to happen.

“As a result of Victoria police and AFP interception yesterday, some Victorians are going to be alive because of it.

“Had we not intervened, there was a real threat of action being taken”.

That is: a mass-murderous jihad attack would have been carried out, by a Muslim. – CM

‘Deputy Commissioner Phelan said the bomb squad then discovered improvised explosive devices at the home.

“During the search warrant at the Greenvale premises, three suspicious items were located, and also material that was associated with the making of explosive devices.” he said.

Sounds like our Junior Jihadi has been reading that article from Al Qaeda’s “Inspire” – “How To Make A Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom”. – CM

“The three items were subsequently taken to a nearby park and rendered safe by the Victoria police bomb squad.

“These are extremely serious offences and they did involve the use of improvised explosive devices”, Deputy Commissioner Mike Phelan said…

“We want to assure the community of Victoria that we have contained the situation”, Deputy Commissioner Hill said.  “There is no longer an imminent threat to the community of Victoria”.

Until the next jihad plot – and for all you know, there are others a-hatching even as you speak – is uncovered. And the next. So long as there are Muslims resident within the state of Victoria, there is a threat.  Got Muslims? Got Jihad.  More Muslims?  More Jihad. – CM

“People should be assured that Victoria police working closely with the Australian Federal police and other agencies are doing their very best to keep Victorians safe, and that’s what we’ve done thus far.

Thus far. Until the sheer number of proliferating plots overwhelms your capacity to detect and thwart them. You would do better to start telling those in charge of Immigration and Citizenship matters that it is time, and way past time, to stop letting Muslims into Australia. – CM

‘Vitorian Premier Daniel Andrews thanked police for their professionalism and “outstanding work” during the operation.  “Be in no doubt, this was a serious operation…[it] has kept Victorians safe,” Mr Andrews said.

‘Deputy Commissioner Hill said the boy’s family was “distraught” at his arrest.

“We have dealt with his family and his family are a caring, loving family that are now very, very distraught as a consequence of what is alleged”, he said.

“It has undoubtedly taken them by surprise.”

That, my dear Deputy Commissioner, I simply do not believe. And if you had read the Hadith in which Mohammed is approvingly described as saying “War is deceit”, you might be as little inclined to believe these theatrical Mohammedan protestations of “shock” and ‘distress” – that we see every time a jihad plot is foiled and a mohammedan or mohammedans arrested –  as I am. – CM

“This is a challenge for law enforcement agencies not only in Victoria, around Australia, but across the Western world.

And beyond the West, also.  In short: anywhere that there are Muslims.  To repeat: got Muslims? Got Jihad. This ‘challenge’ would be much easier to manage if Australia had not permitted even one identifiably-Mohammedan ‘immigrant’ or ‘refugee’ to step foot inside our gates. – CM

“We have a new challenge where we have young people that have been influenced by radical thinking (no: where we have cradle Muslims, and also young converts to Islam, who are taking Islam fully to heart, straight up, undiluted, following the instructions and engaging in the devout imitatio Mohammedi – CM), something we’re dealing with as a law enforcement body with Government, but more importantly, with community”.

With ‘community’. By which he presumably means the – utterly futile –  attempt to persuade or bribe the Ummah, or Mohammedan mob, into not teaching Jihad, the de facto Sixth Pillar of Islam, to its youngsters and to its new recruits.– CM

‘Deputy Commissioner Phelan said the wider community needed to address the radicalisation (that is, “recruitment for Jihad” – CM)  of young people.

You won’t stop it so long as those ‘young people’ remain Muslims, and so long as young persons of non-Muslim background are converting to Islam.  Instead of trying to figure out how to produce Islam-lite, you should be trying to figure out how to turn Muslims into non-Muslims and how to keep non-Muslims from turning Muslim.  There should be massive support for all attempts to encourage young Muslims to apostasise, and publicly-declared apostates from Islam should be welcomed, affirmed, and protected, exactly as defectors from Soviet Russia and Mao’s China were affirmed and protected (even whilst being carefully vetted, bearing in mind the possibility of the double agent).  The more leave Islam and become Christians, or Buddhists, or atheists, the safer we all will be.  And in conjunction with measures to encourage apostasy and protect apostates there should be a much more public and determined effort to dissuade persons of non-Muslim background, from converting to Islam. – CM

“We’ve got to do something about this problem. All of us. All in the community. It’s got nothing to do with faith”, he said.

Ah yes, the nothingtodowithIslam mantra.  Nonsense.

Certainly it has nothing to do with Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Taoism or any other non-Islamic faith in Australia (except insofar as members of all of these faiths are – as such, as non-Muslims – targets of jihad). And if the young muslim man now under arrest had left Islam and become an atheist – like the very, very brave young apostate from Islam, nom de plume “Bosch Fawstin”, who created the winning drawing in the recent Muhammad Art contest held in Garland, Texas – he would not have been caught building bombs, with murderous intent, under his parental roof.   But it – this latest murderous plot – does have everything to do with Islam, because all the people who are plotting to kill non-Muslims on Australian turf, or who have been galloping off to Syria to join Islamic State are…Muslims, whether cradle-Muslims or converts. – CM

“This is about all the community, all families getting together, having a greater understanding of what your children are doing”.

I’m sure the Muslim families of the Muslim plotters recently arrested in Victoria know very well what their children were about; what they intended, and why. 

It may be of interest to non-Australian readers to know a little more about Greenvale, what it is like, and who lives there.

Here’s its wikipedia entry:,_Victoria

It does not yet seem to have acquired a mosque, but I’m sure that’s only a matter of time.

And here, from the Australian Bureau of Statistics offical page, are the demographic and cultural-religious vital statistics of Greenvale, Melbourne, as revealed by results of the 2011 census.

It’s not a poor suburb.  That was already clear from the photographs of the young plotter’s family home and of neighbouring homes, that appeared in the news report.  New and very nice large houses in well-kept surroundings.

The ‘most common ancestries’ were – “Italian 25.1 percent, Australian 13.7 percent, English 10.7 percent, Greek 4.4 percent and…Turkish, 5.9 percent.”  One may safely assume that most if not all of those of Turkish background are Muslims. 

In Greenvale...67,2 percent of people were born in Australia. The most common countries of birth (other than Australia) were – Italy 6.2 percent, Turkey 2.9 percent, Iraq 2.4 percent, Lebanon 1.5 percent, and Malta, 1.2 percent.”  Among those from Iraq and Lebanon there would be Christians as well as Muslims, of course; though probably fewer Christians than Muslims, somehow the Christians – who, being those most in danger, indeed in danger of outright genocide, should be at the front of our refugee intake queue – seem to be getting kicked to the back of it.

As regards language spoken at home – 53.7 percent spoke only English at home.  “Other languages spoken at home included Italian 13 percent, Turkish 6.9 percent, Arabic 6.3 percent, Greek 3.1 percent, and Assyrian Neo-Aramaic, 1.8 percent.”  Those speaking Turkish are almost certainly all Muslim.  Arabic speakers could be either Muslims or Maronite Christians.  Those speaking Assyrian Neo-Aramaic would be Assyrian Christians. 

And now for the most useful statistic of all: religious affiliation.  Catholics: 54 percent.  Eastern Orthodox – 7 percent. Anglican – 5 percent.  ‘No religion’ – 7 percent.  Islam – 11.7 percent.

In other words, we have had a murderous jihad plot hatched within a suburb whose population is 89 percent non-Muslim, 66 percent of those non-Muslims being Christians of various stripes.  A suburb where the Muslim presence – probably mostly of Turkish ethnicity – has just exceeded ten percent.  You don’t have to have many Muslims, anywhere, in order to get Jihad. – CM



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