Michael Rectenwald Interviewed on Coast to Coast

Michael Rectenwald is a recently retired Professor at New York University, where he taught cultural and social history and academic writing since 2008. In the first half, he argued that the powerful movement of postmodernism is successfully dismantling scientific truth at universities, and those who oppose it are being silenced and de-platformed. He explained that postmodernism is a philosophy or theoretical school of thought that emerged out of France in the 1960s and 70s, which contends that “reality and truth are purely social constructs.” The effect of this, he continued, is to make truth inaccessible and promote a socialist ideology. He compared the current climate to what Galileo went through, persecuted for his correct ideas about the solar system. Postmodernism, he added, has made scientific reasoning forbidden if it challenges the reigning viewpoints, with belief trumping empirical evidence.

The end result of this is globalism and a double-tier, he asserted– a few oligarchs on the top, and everyone else corraled into a socialist system. The pandemic has been an opportunity for groups like the World Economic Forum to institute a “great reset of the world economy” through governments and corporations, Rectenwald added, leading eventually to a state-controlled economy with no freedom of choice. He also warned of developments in AI, in which a nano-robot could be placed in the human brain so a person could be constantly connected to the internet. Touted as an advancement, he is concerned that it would be used as the ultimate tool of control and surveillance.

Listen here.


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