More of the Same: Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Speech

by Rebecca Bynum (June 2016)

Hillary Clinton has been running for President since she left the White House as First Lady in 2001 and immediately ran for the Senate in New York. Her strategy all along has been to try to take away the usual Republican advantage on foreign policy by taking consistently hawkish stands. As Senator, she voted for the Iraq war in 2002. As Secretary of State, she presided over the constant eastward expansion of NATO regardless of the fact that this moves the tripwire for potential conflict with Russia into nations and areas where American interests are slim to non-existent.  more>>>


4 Responses

  1. Good get, Rebecca. Didn’t know you knew Karagonov. Good friend of a friend. He is solid on common sense, history, and potential of Russo/American relations.

  2. Rebecca, the statement "escalating civilian on civilian warfare" is an ominous portent of what may pass very shortly.  Our Gnostic elite, totally paralyzed in a dream like state so presciently predicted by Eric Voegelin in 1952 cannot respond either factionally or unanimously to the crisis without blowing up the whole project. 

    Ordinary Americans extrodinarily intuit the state of crazy infecting the ruling class and have initiated a history making revolt.  It could already be too late, the West's weakness is a public order that is largely uncompelled, our genteel people are for the most part  innocuously goverened by paint lines, traffic light bulbs, inanimate signs and a unique instinct to line up to preserve peace in public places. 

    No such predilictions are apparent in many of those who have come amongst us and they have ascertained that weakness, a force is gestating in the womb of multicultural nostrums till it gives birth.  The birth pangs will continue to be ignored, the catastrophe to be born may likely be a street war of unparalleled scale that brings civilizational activity to a standstill.

  3. Yes, the situation is dire, but I hope it's not too late. Trump will begin the necessary pivot, but HIllary will do nothing at all and as it's all developing very swiftly, we can't afford to waste four more years.

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