Muslim group calls for a sacking over fake suicide bomber who shouted ‘Allahu Akbar


From the Manchester Evening News Even the headline continues the groveling; the man in the role of suicide bomber was not a ‘fake’; he was an operative, an actor, a trainer. ‘Fake’ suggests fraud, not a serious role play exercise, which one day might be responsibile for saving lives.

Police chiefs have apologised after an actor used the phrase meaning ‘God is Great’ during a counter terrorism training exercise at the Trafford Centre.

Azhar Shah, the chairman of Saath Saath,a Longsight-based Muslim community group, refused to accept the apology and told the M.E.N: “We need an enquiry into this and those who are responsible should be kicked out or resign. An apology is not going to mend the damage caused by this.”

The organisation, established 25 years ago and which has 3,000 members, held a meeting about the incident on Tuesday night.

Father-of-six Mr Shah, 58, a businessman from Withington, continued:our main objection is to portray one person to be a Muslim reciting the words ‘Allahu Akbar’. We are absolutely angry and very unhappy and annoyed because these people who kill themselves are not part of Islam and they are not even Muslim. They are terrorists, simply terrorists who are brainwashing people. . . These terrorists have nothing to do with Islam.”

Manchester GP Siema Iqbal was one of the first to object to the use of the phrase and her concerns helped prompt the apology from GMP. She accepts the apology – but writes here about why she feels it is wasn’t necessary to use the Muslim prayer…

‘Allahu Akhbar’ is a phrase that has been hijacked by those that commit terrorist atrocities to incorrectly link the attack to Islam. It actually means ‘God is Great’, and is used by millions of Muslims who recite this phrase during daily religious worship.

This is obviously the latest taqyyia directive as it is almost identical to the wrods of a speech given by Saudi Princess Amerah Al Taweel in Dubai yesterday as reported by Gulf News

“This term is used to show the greatness of God, but it has sadly been contaminated by terrorists and extremists who shout it when committing their horrendous, violent crimes,” she said.

Every Muslim should take the responsibility of portraying the true image of Islam and restore the meaning of the hijacked term “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) …She told her audience to help change the distorted image of Islam by making one post a week on the teachings of Islam on social media channels.

It is recorded on too many occasions that the text is shouted by terrorists prior to committing their next atrocity. Therefore to hear it outside the context of quiet and genuine worship is an alert for the security and emergency services. An alert that may not give them much time, but something they must be aware of. Muslim dissembling is fooling nobody. Indeed, quite the opposite; we wonder what they are hiding and why. 

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