Muslim Witnesses Laughed and Spat At Badly-Wounded Jewish Woman In Jerusalem

Chillingly-revealing testimony from a young Jewish woman who, with her child and husband, was murderously attacked by a Muslim in the Old City in Jerusalem. Her husband was murdered; she was very badly wounded and her child hurt but not severely.

Many Muslims saw it happen; not one lifted a finger to help. Instead, they watched her suffering with enjoyment or with indifference.

As reported by Haim Lev for Israel National News.

‘Arab Wintesses Laughed, Spat at Wounded Terror Victim.

‘Widow of Aharon Banita-Bennett described the savagery of Arab passersby (Arab Muslim passersby – CM) who laughed as she fought death.

‘On Sunday afternoon Adelle Banita-Bennett, widow of Aharon Banita-Bennett, who herself was seriously injured in the stabbing attack Saturday night in the Old City of Jerusalem, woke up from the medical coma she had been placed under in order to enable doctors to treat her.

‘Among the first people she spoke to was Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi David Lau, whom she told in detail about the attack.

‘The widow told Rabbi Lau that she attempted to escape from the terrorist after the stabbing began.

I ran for dozens of meters with a knife in my shoulder, bleeding.

“Arabs in the area who saw this horrible scene clapped and laughed, and told [me] that they hoped for my quick death.  I felt I was about to faint”, she said.

“I tried to hold onto someone who passed by, and they just shook me off, and kicked me, and said, “Die!”.”…”.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what Islam does to human beings.

Only one Muslim did the actual hands-on murdering and attempted murder.  But the others – all the others that were there – are complicit.  They approved. They withheld assistance from a gravely wounded woman; they told her to “die!”, they laughed, they kicked her.  They enjoyed the sight of her pain and fear and let her know that they enjoyed it.

There is similar testimony from a haredi Jewish father who, with his young son, was assaulted and humiliated by an Arab Muslim mob in the Old City in late September.

The full article, by Gil Ronen, may be read here:

“Humiliated Father Describes Old City Assault.

‘Haredi dad who was attacked by Arabs (I would bet my bottom dollar they were all Muslims – CM), Nazi-style, along with his crying children, describes being kicked, spat upon – and how no-one helped.

‘Yehonatan Levy, the haredi father who was assaultd and humiliated by an Arab (Muslim – CM) mob in Jerusalem’s Old City…described the ordeal in a television interview…

‘The video that shows Levy and his two sons emerging from an alleyway has been widely circulated, and photos of his sons crying in fear as he walks onward, silent and grim-faced, were disseminated world-wide by news agencies.

‘Levy said that the event began several minutes earlier, as he and his sons were taking their usual route toward the Western Wall, in honour of Sukkot.  They were originally accosted by women, he said, and these women were then joined by men.  He described being kicked and spat upon.  His son’s kippah was knocked to the ground, and when the father tried to pick it up, it was kicked away from him three times.

Islam inculcates a shameless and brazen bully and mob mentality in its adherents. – CM

The father and his young sons were made to walk a gauntlet of screaming Muslims, he recounted.

“I understood that there were no security people, and it made no sense to try and go back because they had already closed in on us from the back, so I understood that I have to go forward.  My younger son, Nathan, was telling me, – “Dad, they’ll stab us in the end, no-one cares.” The children, he said, are aware of Arab terrorism, and were afraid that they, too, would be physically assaulted.

“It started with kicking and spitting”, he recalled, “and then a young man motioned to me to approach him. I was certain that he wanted to help me somehow.”

However, when he approached the young man who called him – the man spat in his face.

‘Asked how he responded when he was spat upon, Levy said that he did not feel that he could do anything except walk on.  “It’s not like I entered the Gaza Strip”, he explained. “It’s my regular route to the Kotel.  We had passed through a police checkpoint, and no-one told us there was any danger.  It’s a really, really terrible feeling”, he said.

“And you know what the thing that really bothered me was?  That there was no-one there who cared – not one among all the people who were there, not even the shop owners or the jewellers – men, women…who cared.  Not one person would stop this horror, with children screaming.””. END.

It is a neighbourhood full of Muslim Arabs; full of Muslims.

And this Jewish man’s experience there, and the far worse experience, a couple of weeks later, of Adelle Banita-Bennett, should give pause to anyone who wants to claim that the majority of Muslims are nice people who don’t approve of what the jihadis are doing.

At least those Muslims who spat at and kicked Adelle have been identified and will be prosecuted. Ido Ben Porat reporting.

‘Arabs Who Spat At, Kicked Terror Victim, To Be Prosecuted’.

‘Thanks to near-complete video coverage in Jerusalem’s Old City, the identities of Arabs (and I will bet my bottom dollar that every one of those Arabs is a Muslim – CM) who mocked, kicked and hit Adelle Banita-Bennett as she staggered through the streets of Jerusalem’s Old City are known, and they will be prosecuted, Israeli officials said.

‘A Channel 2 report Monday night said that the Arabs who thought that Banita-Bennett’s life-threatening injuries were “funny” are known, and they will be brought to trial for incitement, failing to offer assistance, and acting as accomplices in an attempted murder….”.

Identify, arrest, try, charge and jail them.  And when they emerge from jail strip them of the Israeli citizenship they probably possess – and for which, as heir actions have revealed, they feel nothing but contempt – and drop them off in Gaza.  Muslim sadists like this cannot be permitted to remain in Israel. – CM 


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