My Vietnam

by Carl Nelson

It’s interesting to me that the resistance American Conservatives are currently fighting is being fought in a large part by the retired, or nearly so. For example, here is an article posted by Dr. Angus Dalgleish, an oncologist in Britain, warning of the dangers of cancer from booster Covid shots.

On the Climate Change front, the leading edge in fighting this hoax has been manned by professors emeritus’s of physics and meteorology, or persons detached from institutional pressures, such as the former foundational member of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, who owns a for profit fishery on Vancouver Island.

It is often those people of independent means who are able to speak out within this censorious climate, such as President Trump, and Tucker Carlson. Though this safe space is currently being destroyed by the current govenrmentalized entities in the business world, such as described in this recent substack posting by Peter Navarro.

It has struck me that the point of the spear – in our current civil war to wrest our country from the current outbreak of Jacobins – are the insignificant, the elderly and the retired. We are many. We have time. We are relatively independent. We are generally successful – having lived as long as we have. We may well be better read, and more experienced. And we also have little to lose in terms of life lost, but much to gain in terms of leaving a country whose blessings are still intact for our children and grandchildren. For those of my age (74), this is our Vietnam, right in our own country. There’s no draft, and it’s all volunteer. I was too tall to fight then. I hope I don’t fall short in the fight currently.

On a final note: the aged are everywhere invisible. We are seen as no longer mattering in the rush of current life. No one tracks us. No one concerns themselves with us. No one much tries to discipline nor silence us. We have the possibility of becoming a hugely important guerrilla force within an affluent society. We can go everywhere. And we can be feared.

No need to find collaborators. Just pick your contribution, research, plan, and make it happen.

They’ll know what hit them, but they’ll not know who. It could have been that grandma, over there.



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  1. This is true. Another aspect is that conservatives are bad at passing their values on to their offspring. I have noticed that liberals have children who are their clones as far as politics and viewpoints, but conservative parents often tear out their hair because one or all of their children have become liberal cretins who reason by parroting slogans.

    1. It is very hard to raise an adolescent Conservative in the climate we find ourselves in. But there are two things I think are somewhat effective. First is to practice your principles, and to demand them of your children. (Not politics, just principles.) They will mimic you whether or not they realize it. The second would be not to break your relationship over politics. Give them a sound argument, but let them believe as they want. Experience has taught me that their worldview can turn on a seeming dime. Where and when that dime might be encountered is usually a surprise.

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