Neighbours of Isis-inspired terrorist recall previous moments which seemed ‘strange’


Like the mosque being deserted for weeks before the attempted murders, despite the terrorist being ordered to live there under supervision, but members clear out furniture and ‘items’ the day before the attack. From the New Zealand Herald 

A resident who lives across the road from the Glen Eden mosque where the terrorist lived noticed something “a bit strange” the day before the attack. While mowing his front lawn, the man saw people moving items from inside the mosque to the outside.

“I said, ‘Are you guys moving out’ and he goes, ‘No just having a big clean out’. “I thought it was a bit strange because the whole place has been deserted the whole lockdown.”

Thinking back to the past few weeks, the resident thought the mosque had been abandoned during lockdown. “I wasn’t aware of someone living there, it looked abandoned, there’s been no lights on at night,” he said.

The next day, the man was on his front lawn when he saw police pull up to the mosque with rifles.

“I was weeding down the driveway and there was an unmarked [police] car turn up, parked outside our place and it came to my attention because it racked the dogs up.”

He then saw two police officers carrying rifles cross the road towards the mosque. “I then saw another cop car pull up just up the road and two officers got out of that and approached the mosque holding rifles.”

A man who lived next (door) has described the moments the Sri Lankan man’s Glen Eden house was raided by police two years ago. He said he was frustrated to learn the killer was living next door to a rock climbing centre, where hundreds of people from all ages visit daily. “It’s just not good enough,” the man said.

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