NER Press Regrets

New English Review Press regrets to announce the parting of ways with Michael Rectenwald. We have had a great run, published some great books and enjoyed our time together. Unfortunately, Michael’s recent political statements have made it impossible for NER Press to continue our relationship.

New English Review continues to stand behind the books we have published, and we wish Michael all the best wherever his path should take him in the future.

Rebecca Bynum
Publisher, NER Press


13 Responses

      1. Thanks for the reference — I just checked his page, and listened to his 9-min-long, angry and agitated speech. He clearly mistakes NER Press’ exercising its right of association, with censorship of his views. NER does not publish everything submitted to it on a logic that rejecting a work would constitute censorship — but those books that carry the message with which it agrees; every publisher does this. It is very much like friendship — there are many reasons for being friends with others, but a certain common grounds in views is a must; the views that are offensive may well break a friendship — as we all know. And this is exactly what happened here — and I am surprised that so intelligent a person as Mr. Rectenwald does not realize that. That’s what I find really strange… And of course his position on Israel is more than strange indeed…

          1. Oh, I found it. Wow. Things are heated.
            I think it’s hard to discriminate between criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism, because Israel is a Jewish country However, a criticism of Israel’s actions is not necessarily anti-Semitic, as there are many Jews in the world who are not being criticized for their actions.
            Having said this, however, I side with pretty much whatever measures the State of Israel chooses to take in this matter. They are living next to a population which would seem to exist only to eliminate Jews. In Gaze it would seem they build nothing but hatred.
            I think Michael lets the libertarian ideology run roughshod over his good sense. He would seem to automatically take the side of stateless actors. This is not fair and it does not lead to good ends. The Cato libertarians took this same position as regards the enforcement of the U S borders, favoring ideology in the face of the obvious disaster that ensues. I think Michael is letting his party affiliation cripple his good sense. And this is a shame. He’s published some good work with the New English Review.

  1. Well ain’t this a barrel full of laughs. Hostin’ a whole corral of bad pennies who run around wilder than drunk brahmin slingin’ their tall tales, and takin’ offense when one of ’em ain’t to your likin’. So you’re showin’ one of these rascals to the door, well better late than never I guess, but it’s like lettin’ a flock of bighorners chew up your favorite hat, shirt, and pants, but drawin’ the line when one starts nibblin’ on your boots.

    If you ever get a chance to chat with that old scribe, Dalrymple, give ’em a tip of the hat from old Victor, and tell him to keep his boots on solid ground in that wild west of ideas.

    Happy trails!

  2. Hope you choke on your newfound wokeness and adoption of cancel culture.

    In a few months your emotions will have subsided. But your integrity is gone forever. No serious self respecting author will look past this event and publish with you.

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