New Zealand: Man admits threatening to kill non-Muslims, distributing Isis video


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An Auckland man has admitted threatening to kill “non-Muslims” and distributing an Isis video.

The 20-year-old appeared at the High Court at Auckland on Wednesday, where he admitted threatening to kill, two charges of distributing objectionable publications and six counts of possessing objectionable material.

The videos included an Isis video and one on bomb making.

…he was set to go to trial on November 14, but his guilty pleas mean he was convicted by Justice Rebecca Edwards and remanded in custody for sentencing in March.

His lawyer, Annabel Cresswell​, sought continued name suppression through until sentencing, where she said an application for permanent suppression may be made. Prosecutor Henry Steele did not oppose continued interim name suppression till sentencing.

The court has previously heard the man had complex conditions and name suppression was needed to ensure the defendant had the best chance of deradicalising. The man is not a member of the Muslim community, but it was hoped that he would be helped by leaders of the Muslim community.

“He is not in the same boat as Mr Samsudeen, the LynnMall attacker. We have a chance here. We need to do everything we can… If his name is made public that chance will be lost,” his previous lawyer said.

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