No bail for Qld man accused of jihad call

At last a newspaper not so afraid of the M word. This is the Riverine Herald on the subject of the ‘someone who did something religiously extreme’ the other day. 

A Brisbane father of three who allegedly called for a Muslim jihad in Syria to “cleanse the lands of tyrants and their collaborators” will remain behind bars.

Omar Saghir, 39, has been charged with the preparation of foreign incursions as part of a group involved in travelling to Syria to engage in hostile activity.

Saghir appeared in Brisbane Magistrates Court by video link on Thursday when his application for bail to live with his widowed mother in Alexandra Hills was denied. ‘e was a luverly geezer -‘e bought ‘is muvver flahers an’ stuff’ Not. 

Saghir was living on the Gold Coast when he allegedly transferred the cash in August 2013 to a fighter dubbed Witness One. He is then alleged to have followed the transfer by posting extremist views on social media calling for “new battlegrounds” to be opened up for attack.

“We must provide them with men, with armaments. We must open doors for them for victory,” Saghir is alleged to have posted. “I urge Muslims everywhere in our nation of Islam, a nation, a belief, a nation of paradise, a nation of jihad – go back to the jihad for God, and let us support our brothers. We have to fight against them with the black flag with the flag of Mohammed, God’s prayer and peace be upon him until punishment is inflicted upon them.”

Legal aid lawyer Axel Beard claimed the cash transfer to Witness One was not in support of foreign fighters, but repayment of debt. There was no suggestion his client posed a threat to public safety; “It is not the case that my client proceeds, upon a Facebook page that is alleged to be his, to make threats of a domestic nature against Australian citizenry or Australian public officials,” Mr Beard said.

However, magistrate Tina Previtera accepted there was a genuine case against Saghir and refused bail.


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