"Not Intimidated" – Wilders in RTL Interview on Garland, Texas Failed Jihad Attack


Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) was interviewed by RTL following the Garland, Texas, Jihad attack on the Muhammad Art Exposition sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI).  In this first TV news interview with RTL following the episode, Wilders speaks of the importance he, organizer Pam Geller and others who spoke at the event place on criticizing a political doctrine passing as a religion despite  threats of violence by Jihadists.  He notes that the AFDI program exercised free speech rebutting  the   Stand  with the Prophet in Honor and Respect  event organized by doctrinaire Muslim leaders at the same Curtis Culwell Center  Garland, Texas venue less than one week after the massacre by Jihadists at the Charlie Hebdo editorial offices in January in Paris that killed 12. See Wilders’ remarks following the Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Kacher kosher supermarket attacks, the latter killed four Jews..  As we posted yesterday he offered to stage an exposition at the Hague Parliament of the artworks displayed by the AFDI at the May 3, 2015 held at the Curtis Center Culwell in Garland, Texas.  Wilders draws attention to the  example of  the Prophet Mohammed, currently followed by ISIS, beheading and enslaving Jews and others during the founding of Islam.  He said that such an ideology based on terrorism as  anithetical  to Judeo Christian principles underling values of Western democracies. 

Watch the Wilders RTL interview:




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  1. Fantastic interview with Geert Wilders! He “talks softly but carries a big stick!” A courageous man whom we should all emulate. I agree with him that “Mohammed was not a nice chap!”

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