NUT general secretary condemns Government’s strategy on tackling Islamist extremism


This partisan involvement in left-wing and almost treasonous propaganda is actually putting some capable young people off entering the teaching profession. The Telegraph reported on this event yesterday. Sadly the Islamists found an alternative venue; and the Telegraph, while they did get inside are not telling us what and where agreed to host this. 

The General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers on Friday night condemned the Government’s strategy to tackle Islamist extremism.  

Despite calling it a debate, the panel, made up of a Respect activist, two academics, a lawyer and journalist, went unchallenged as they rounded on reports that had found children were being exposed to sometimes extremist views from teachers. 

Although the Telegraph was told it would not be welcome at the event, it managed to attend the ticketed meeting.

Mr Courtney rounded on Prevent, an anti-extremist strategy, for making Muslim teachers fear that they will be reported for being “too Islamic”.

He added that Muslim teachers “up and down” the country have told the union “tales” about their fears over appearing religious.“We have heard tales of Muslim teachers having to trim their beards, or women teachers who are thinking about stopping wearing the hijab. Also, Muslim teachers who are afraid to talk about their faith.There is a problem for Muslim teachers in this country partly driven by the Trojan Horse and Prevent [strategy].”

Organisers at the meeting repeatedly criticised the Telegraph for having contacted the venue the meeting was due to be held when checking facts for an article it ran earlier this week.

The event was due to be held at the Bordesly Centre in Birmingham. But the venue owners pulled it the day before. 

Mr Alam, the former chairman of governors at Park View school in Birmingham, is now banned by the Government from holding any leadership positions in British education after he was found to have undermined “fundamental British values”.

Peter Clarke, who headed the independent investigation into Trojan Horse, found that under Mr Alam’s leadership, Park View “sought to export its Islamising blueprint” to other schools.

Had the Telegraph made it known who had hosted this unsavoury event there are people with experience of explaining to such places, in a polite, reasonable and legal way, the foolishness of their support for undesirables.

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