Objects thrown and police vehicles smashed as violence erupts at Tommy Robinson event in Oldham

That headline is from the Manchester Evening News.The headline from national daily the Daily Mail is 

Violence breaks out at Tommy Robinson campaign event as masked supporters clash with crowds shouting ‘racist scum’,
bricks are thrown and police cars are damaged in Oldham

It takes a paragraph or two of the Mail report before it comes clear from the photographs who is masked and throwing the bricks. However the Muslim defence League are quite up front about their actions and had posted it on their FB page some hours before the newspapers got hold of it. The MEN don’t make it so clear. 

Two police vehicles have been damaged after a disturbance broke out as hundreds gathered at a Tommy Robinson campaign event.

Footage posted on social media showed clashes between supporters of the campaigner, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, and counter-demonstrators in Oldham, Greater Manchester on Saturday afternoon.

A live video posted on Facebook by a group calling itself the Muslim Defence League showed a group of Asian men standing and shouting across at the other crowd across the police blockade, with some throwing objects and shouting ‘racist scum’.

A separate live video shared on YouTube by Danny Tommo, an associate of Robinson, appeared to show the clashes from the other perspective. In the clip, he claims bricks are being thrown at his group. I watched that clip – something was definitely coming across into the Tommy supporting group. 

Pictures from the Mail. Note the islamic dress of the young men, other than the fair haired boy they are intimidating in picture 2. These are not the supporters of Tommy Robinson.

And the caption to this picture below says “Counter-demonstrators are surrounded by police with batons in the front garden of a property in Oldham, Greater Manchester” when it really ought to say (mealy mouthed tactful version)  “Thugs beat boy they disagree with while police try to stop them”. If I said what I really think I’ll get suspended from social media again. 

Why is the local Manchester newspaper so scared of these boys that they only print a picture of Tommy, two pictures of police officers and bland sentences saying bricks were thrown, and cars damaged, but not by who, aimed at who? Who controls them? Inquiring minds would like to know. 


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