Out in the Cold

by Carl Nelson

Nowadays one has to run one’s own intelligence operation to understand what’s going on. You must develop sources, who you vet over time, and who bring fresh information and insight – rather than the regular reaction flow. I’m retired, I have the time. So I look into matters and develop my sources. And I’ve been right, more or less. But to what avail?

Most recently, I posted all my nieces and nephews and some of my siblings the book “Turtles All the Way Down/ Vaccine Science and Myth.” This is information about vaccines that I doubt they would know or discover. And it’s quite important information to consider before vaccinating, children especially. It’s quite thorough, sourced, and written in a clear interesting style with information that an intelligent reader could absorb. None of this was taught to me in Med School. And I doubt very much that your doctor would know this. Generally, your doctor just follows the inoculation schedules and advice offered by the CDC.

I didn’t expect much response from my mailings. And frankly, to receive this book just out of the blue is a rather odd thing (even with a cover letter).  Nevertheless, appearing odd and spending the time and money – in the face of the importance of having access to this information – seemed needed.

Well, I heard from my sister, through my wife. The last time I had spoken with my sister regarding vaccinations, was a year and a half ago when she refused to allow our son to attend Thanksgiving with them unless he was vaccinated for Covid. I had counseled him strenuously not to since he had already had the infection and recovered. So we didn’t attend, as we weren’t going to attend without him. My sister accused me of bullying our son and being incredibly selfish in exposing everyone. But time has put us on the right side of this. Vaccination has been shown to not prevent Covid infection, and that vaccinated people can spread the infection, and finally that natural immunity provides the best immunity. In a follow-up e mail, my sister told me I needed to quit following all of this disinformation and watch TV.

My relations are all bright, educated people. You would think after my being correct regarding our Covid vaccination dust-up, my sister would give me a bit of a hearing this time around after receiving this book. It didn’t happen. She told my wife I was “considered a nut by the whole family”, “a total crackpot.”

So, to the point of all this: presenting truthful information in our present struggle isn’t the cure we might hope.  And until our ‘deniers’ are hoisted by their own petard, I don’t see it changing.  For their kid’s sake though, I hope they’ll at least reconsider their vaccination policies.


2 Responses

  1. That’s what the exchange of ideas is all about. The issue is important, and you went an extra mile — and then some — to articulate your concern and your position. I think your relatives should at least take it as a sign of a genuine concern for them. I think they should take your effort in right spirit, and appreciate it…

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