Out-Rigging the Vote

by David Solway

There can be no doubt that the voting process was rigged against Donald Trump in more ways than one. According to reports, fiscal criminal and youthful Nazi collaborator George Soros’ vast fortune was in play to swing the election Hillary’s way, including fomenting violence at Trump’s rallies (for which Trump himself was blamed). Clinton cash, illegally gained, bankrolled a promotional campaign that blitzed the nation. Dead voters, multiple voters, illegal voters, and opportunely-pardoned felons, loyal Democrats all, were evident at the polls in considerable force, like the zombies swarming the last bastion of civilization in the 2016 film Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. “Today’s voter lists,” writes former into-tech management consultant Paul Murphy, “are generally thought to include something like 1.8 million dead voters, 6.4 million illegals, 1.8 million ineligible felons, and perhaps 2.7 million people registered to vote in more than one state.” And of course the polls were skewed in Hillary’s favor through selective sampling techniques in what is known as a psyops strategy to influence the behavior of voters, creating the impression that Clinton was gathering momentum.

And yet Trump won against the odds, prompting the question: Were there really enough votes in flyover country and leftover country to offset the oleaginous corruption greasing Hillary’s route to the White House and to discount the vote-rich conurbations and coastal corridors, the mentally vacant celebrity class, the entire left-liberal elite, the fraudulent pollsters, the lying media, the deceased, the duped, the traumatic feminists, the compromised academics, the blizzard of snowflake students blanketing the eduscape, the Muslim fifth column, the disaffected Libertarians voting for nonsense candidates, and the turncoat Republicans who may as well have registered as Democratic operatives? This seems a rather implausible assumption.

I have a theory, which I will share with bemused readers. I believe the key factor in producing so improbable an electoral outcome was, frankly speaking, Israel, not the country itself but the all-powerful Cosmocrator who rules the universe, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. For the Lord knew that the policies of Barack Obama’s administration had put Israel at critical risk in the most volatile region in the world, and that the leaders of Iran, taking a page from their ancestor Haman the Agagite, were plotting the wholesale destruction of the Jewish state. The Lord also knew that Hillary Clinton and the crime syndicate known as the Democratic Party would advance Iran’s genocidal project.

Neither did He forget the plight of the American people under a venal and iniquitous regime nor America’s covenantal vocation. Did not the Pilgrims see themselves as Israelites in the wilderness—“We shall find that the God of Israel is among us” John Winthrop preached in his 1630 sermon A Modell of Christian Charity—and did not the Declaration of Independence echo the Sinai covenant? Did not John Adams write in a letter to Thomas Jefferson “I will insist that the Hebrews have done more to civilize man than any other nation” and did not Lincoln at Independence Hall in Philadelphia quote from the imprecatory Psalm 137? Were not Jerusalem and the New Jerusalem bound together?

And therefore the Lord entered the hearts of the wavering, of Democrats with a conscience and even many of the #NeverTrumpers, and directed their steps to the voting booths. At the same time, the Lord instilled the negative spirit of disinclination in significant numbers of those who would have otherwise filled the ballot boxes and pulled the levers to Hillary’s advantage.

And so, dear reader, the election was indeed rigged, not merely by the left but by the Lord in His ineffable wisdom. We might say, the Lord of Hosts out-rigged the riggers and outmaneuvered them all with Divine facility and electoral omnipotence, and in this empyrean manner saved both His beloved Israel and, simultaneously, His beloved America from a demonic future. As for Trump, he was merely the messenger, the proxy, an unwitting tool in the hands of a Higher Power.

Ok, so I’m only kidding. But do you have a better explanation?

First published in PJ Media.


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  1. Reality check (and theological fact): the United States of America is NOT 'the New Jerusalem".

    Theologically speaking, the 'New Jerusalem' is the Church Universal (at the end of Time; see the book of Revelations).  NO nation should dare to usurp that crown.  There have been others – the USA is not the first to succumb to that temptation, 'Holy Mother Russia' has tried to claim a unique divine vocation, and so have the more fevered imaginations in Britain, in the past – but none is valid, theologically nor historically speaking.  The most that can be said is that God gives this or that Christian community a vocation, and a gift or gifts, good works prepared for them to do; but that vocation, those gifts, will be exercised within a wider context that includes other nations.

    In historic, temporal terms there is only one Jerusalem, and it is not in the New World but in the Old; and the 'spiritual Jerusalem" – which is not confined to any one nation, no matter how great nor how Christian – coinheres after some manner with that unique, temporal, historical Jerusalem, not replacing nor displacing it, but connected to it by the simple fact that the Jew Yehoshuah of Nazareth was crucified and raised at Jerusalem.

    The Bible does not predict 'America'. It describes only 'nations'; Israel, and the gentiles.  In the book of Revelations, the New Jerusalem is not invented by humans but descends "out of heaven, from God", and is inhabited by persons from many nations.  Its foundations are the twelve apostles; its gates are the twelve tribes of Israel.  

    Christian history did not begin with America nor, even if America were to fall, would Christian history end with America.  Christianity has already survived the loss of Constantinople and the Hagia Sophia.

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