‘Pakémon’ Stickers Found Plastered Across London Urge Deporting of Sadiq Khan

I held off sharing these in the hope I could spot some myself while up London yesterday, but I think the authorities have cleared them all down. The London papers have been describing them as ‘vile’ and racist’. Personally I think most of them are in a good satirical tradition and fair comment (as well as being most amusing) British Transport Police are treating them as a ‘hate’ crime and one arrest has been made. There is a text alert line to the British Transport Police if you spot one of these; I didn’t and I wouldn’t. From Breitbart and Metro

A man has been arrested after satirical “Pakémon” stickers were plastered across London, featuring well-known Muslims with the tagline “Gotta catch and deport them all”.

The posters mimic Pokémon playing cards, which sport the tagline “Gotta catch ‘em all” along with stats on Pokémon characters. The spoof posters assign “Terror points” as well as giving a description of each person and listing a “weakness”.

Among those featured, is London Mayor Sadiq Khan, dubbed ‘Hamaskhan’, a reference to the Palestinian terror group Hamas. 

Below a photo of Khan, the text reads: “Description: Probably the most dangerous Pakémon, Hamaskhan believes that Londoners should learn to accept Islamic terrorism whilst he is mayor. 
“Weaknesses: Hamaskhan’s hatred of Christians and Jews will result in him losing power and a long prison sentence.”
He has been assigned 200 ‘terror points’.

Another features Muslim convert Jordan Horner, who called for sharia law in London.

The text reads: “Gingermo is not a true Pakémon, having converted to Islam believing he might make some friends who are as angry and weak-minded as himself.” His “weakness” is listed as an “allergy to sunlight”.

Barack Obama is also featured (he’s not actually Islamic but is described as ‘the USA’s Muslim in Chief’), along with offensive racist caricatures such as ‘Uberrapey’.

Stickers have been reported all over the capital, including Bromley, Surbiton and Waterloo.

A spokesman for British Transport Police urged people to report any sightings of the stickers.

He said: ‘British Transport Police is committed to preventing incidents of hate crime and prejudice and all incidents of this nature are investigated thoroughly. Everyone has the right to travel on the rail network without fear or intimidation. Racially or religiously motivated crime will simply not be tolerated.’


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