Palestinian motorist rams pedestrians in Jerusalem


From the Guardian, Sky News and the Wall Street Journal

A Palestinian motorist rammed his vehicle into a group of people standing near a tram stop in Jerusalem, injuring at least five, including four security officials, Israeli police said. None were seriously injured.

The incident… happened near an Israeli border police station on a main road in East Jerusalem, the predominantly Arab side of the city.

Israeli police said the car was driven by Mahmoud Salaymeh, a Palestinian resident of the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ras al Amud, who was acting alone. The car came onto the sidewalk outside a border police station and rammed three policewomen, a cyclist and other pedestrians. A fourth policewoman was hit several feet away in a crosswalk. A border police officer and a security guard began firing at the vehicle from the station’s entrance.The man got out of the car and tried to attack the guards with a butcher’s knife . . .

The attack is being treated by police as a suspected terror attack, and happened on the Jewish holiday of Purim, when the streets are busy with pedestrians.“The target of the terrorists is police and border police,’’ Jerusalem District Policy Commander Moshe Edri told reporters at the scene of the incident. “The incident was apparently a deliberate attack,” a police spokeswoman said. 

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