Park Avenue, Deserted by Day, Looted by Night.

by Phyllis Chesler

Hello Dear People!

I’ve been missing in action because I’m finishing a book. What else can a writer do during a quarantine?

Where are all our leaders? They are all missing in action. Why can’t the Mayor organize a massive police force armed with tranquilizer guns? I’ve been calling for this for more than fifty years.

Ambulance sirens still sound their alarms as they race past my window. Yesterday, the helicopters hovered horrifically overhead as coordinated criminal gangs looted both high end luxury shops and more vulnerable mom-and-pop shops; members of ANTIFA and the Revolutionary American Communists torched cop cars and whatever else they could find to damage and destroy, including living beings; peaceful protesters, heartbroken and enraged, marched and marched.

Last night I was told that marchers stood outside Gracie Mansion on the Upper East Side calling for De Blasio’s resignation. Wish they could have stayed right there until the Mayor agreed to resign.

So now, not only are people stressed out because of the Wuhan Virus and the quarantine and financial problem—they are out there in droves potentially infecting each other with a second deadly dose of China’s toxic gift. Really smart. Really safe. And now we get to live under a curfew.

What next? Tent cities? Long, permanent bread lines? Terrified senior citizens?


2 Responses

  1. Many’s the time I’ve wondered why we don’t use tranquilizer darts to take care of looters and nutcases running amok on the streets. You only have to watch a National Geographic doc to see that they’re effective even against the largest elephants.
    It’s probably some human rights lawyer who’s come up with an argument that it’s unconstitutional and dangerous to the assailant’s health….. no matter that the assailant is even more dangerous to the general public’s health.
    It seems infinitely more preferable to tasers or rubber bullets and infinitely more safe, in the end, than any of the current methods of de-escalation.
    But of course I’m just an ignorant peasant with only a grade 10 education so what the heck would I know? (Mind you it’s a grade 10 grammar school education back in the UK and that,in my experience, is the equivalent to a Phd from any American University)
    It will be interesting to see if anybody can explain why tranquilizing guns aren’t used.. and you can bet it’s a pretzel type of legal argument.)

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