Perth, Australia: Muslim Taxi Driver Jailed for Sexually Assaulting Sleeping Passenger

As reported by Joanna Menagh for the ABC, about a week ago.

“Perth Taxi Driver Jailed for Sexually Assaulting Sleeping Passenger”.

‘A Perth taxi driver (that is: “a Perth-resident Muslim taxi driver” – CM) has been jailed for sexually assaulting a female passenger who fell asleep while he was driving her home.

‘The offence happened in December 2007, but Mohamed Rashad Abdul Raheem was not charged until the case was reviewed using new DNA technology two years ago.

‘He denied the allegations, but was found guilty by a jury after a trial in the District Court.

‘The woman, who was 18 at the time, had been socialising with friends in the city in the week before Christmas 2007, when she flagged down Abdul Raheem’s taxi in the early hours of the morning to take her home.

‘She was tired and fell asleep, but woke to find her dress pulled up to her waist, and Abdul Raheem sexually assaulting her.

‘The court heard the offence lasted only a “matter of seconds” and the woman didn’t say anything at the time because she was “scared and fearful” of what Abdul Raheem might do.

‘She later reported the matter to police.

‘Judge Julie Wager said Abdul Raheem had breached his obligation as a taxi driver to take customers home safely.

“You took advantage of a vulnerable young woman and offended against her”, the judge told the 45 year old father of three.

Ten years ago he was 35 and his victim was 18; he was nearly twice her age. – CM

“Young women need to know that if they catch a taxi home they will not be violated”.

Then taxi companies had better not hire Muslim drivers.  Other drivers from other cultural backgrounds have been known to offend similarly, from time to time; but Muslims seem to make a habit of it.  For only the cult of Islam holds up a rapist and keeper of sex-slaves, as a model to be admired and emulated; only Islam teaches that the women of non-adherent groups are “uncovered meat”, there for the taking, as opportunity presents. – CM

‘Abdul Raheem’s lawyer, Simon Freitag, had suggested his client could receive a suspended jail term, describing him as an otherwise “hardworking, good husband and father, and contributing member of society”, who had not offended before (I would not be so sure of that; we all know that not all rapes and sexual assaults are reported by the victims – CM) and would not offend again (given that he is a Mohammedan, steeped in a boundless sense of entitlement, and programmed to view non-Muslim females as potential booty, there is no guarantee that he will not do exactly the same again… or worse.  I would not get into his taxi. – CM)

‘Judge Wager accepted that Abdul Raheem was otherwise (or otherwise appeared to be – CM) of impeccable character, but said she could not suspend the term.

“People need to know that if taxi drivers offend in this way, there will be repercussions, and that is an immediate term of imprisonment”, she said.

‘In sentencing Abdul Raheem to 16 months’ jail Judge Wager said she had shown “a degree of mercy” because of the burden and distress the jail term would cause his family.

What of the distress caused to his victim, who must surely now feel somewhat hesitant about going out at night, lest she meet another predatory Mohammed when she flags down a taxi? – CM

‘Abdul Raheem will have to serve eight months before he can be released on parole”.

He should not be driving taxis ever again.  He – or his parents – should never have been allowed to settle in Australia in the first place.

Mohammed, Mohammed, Mohammed.  Yet another of the millions of Mohammeds who have established themselves within the lands of the Infidels and are there, so often, behaving very badly indeed, especially towards infidel females.

“A country with more Mohammeds is a more dangerous place”.  Especially for young non-Muslim women venturing out on their own.



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