PODCAST: Lisa Benson Show 11-15-15 Paris Aftermath -World War: Nidra Poller, Morten Storm, Amb. Woolsey and Gen. Audino

Listen to an extraordinarily informative Lisa Benson Show for National Security that aired Sunday November 15, 2015 on KKNT960The Patriot in the aftermath of the ISIS jihad in ParisLisa Benson and New English Review Senior Editor Jerry Gordon co-hosted t this show.

Our guests were:

Nidra Poller opened the programs with an eye witness report of what was unfolding in France. Poller is a Lisa Benson Show  Advisory Board Member, American  writer and translator, resident of Paris, France, since 1972,  contributor to The Wall Street Journal, National Review, FrontPage Magazine,  The New York Sun and New English Review, author of the forthcoming, The Black Flag of Jihad stalks la Republique.  Poller drew attention to the black Jihad flags in July 2014 at the statue of Marianne at place de la Republique featured on the cover of her new book. She noted that was directed at the Israel during Operation Defensive Edge in Gaza. In contrast after last Friday’s murderous ISIS attacks fear and panic in Paris occurred Sunday spooked by a noise, firecrackers or shots, at the memorial with candles and bouquets at the foot of the statue of Marianne, the symbol of France. She said that the young who frequent open air cafes struck by ISIS terrorists now live in fear, despite putting on a brave face of resolve and solidarity not knowing what will come next.  Prior to Friday’s attacks they scoffed at Poller’s telling them that it was a global jihad. Now they may have empathy what Israel has been going through for years in the face of Arab Jihad violence.

 Morten Storm came next. Storm is a former Danish Islamist and double agent for Danish Security and Intelligence Service and CIA who penetrated Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, author of Agent Storm: My Life Inside al Qaeda and the CIA, interviewed on Fox News and CNN. He addressed how Belgium radical Islamists spawned and organized the Paris attacks. In a teachable moment he discussed the Dar al Hijra immigration strategy of ISIS based on the example of Mohammed. Mohammed who left Mecca after being rejected by the pagan leaving to receive sanctuary in the Jewish oasis town of Yathrib, later renamed Medina. There after being scoffed at and rejected , he along with his companions attacked and beheaded 900 Jewish Banu Qurayza men and boys,  enslaving  and forcibly converting surviving women and children.

Ambassador R. James Woolsey followed Storm. It was his third appearance in as many weeks. Last week, we addressed the Lisa Benson National Security Task Force of America investigation into the insecurity of airports in the US with employment of refugees by the TSA and maintenance contractors with dozens found on terrorist watch lists and in one instance a Somali émigré ISIS jihadi who died in Syria. Woolsey is ex-CIA Director and Chairman of the Washington, DC –based Leadership Council of Foundation for Defense of Democracies.  He addressed the failure of President Obama to recognize that ISIS is engaged in a World War and the irony of suggesting on the very day of the Paris attacks that somehow ISIS had been “contained”. Instead, as Woolsey noted, the reality was that tens of thousands of foreign fighters from across the West had gone to fight and build the Caliphate in Syria, only to return and foment Jihad. He also spoke of the folly of admitting Syrian refugees to the US without the ability to vett them as demonstrated by the ISIS a suicide bomber in the Paris attacks who entered Europe in early October in the flood of refugees.

Brig. Gen.  US Amy (ret.) Ernie Audino concluded the guest presentations.  Audino is a former Combat Advisor embedded with the Kurdish Peshmerga in the Kurdish Regional Government of Iraq and Washington Times columnist gave a compelling review of the real facts on the ground with the Peshmerga and Yazidi forces retaking the strategic town of Sinjar in Northern Iraq with US special Ops and air support. Now the problem is maintain control over these communities.  He also spoke of the failure of the Administration to deliver to the Peshmerga and Syrian YPG forces promised critical weapons, equipment and even ammunition to combat ISIS.




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