Podesta email leaks from Clinton campaign prove Democrats go low

by Kenneth R. Timmerman

Hillary Clinton has no public events on her schedule from here to election day, a strategy being characterized as “do no harm.”

She and her advisors apparently think she can coast to victory and let her surrogates do all the heavy lifting. And it’s true: Clinton has a lot of help, not only from the Obamas but from the national media and the establishment elites.

But with the daily dump from Wikileaks of the Podesta emails now in its seventh installment — and with much more promised to come — the sheer sordidness and cynicism of the corrupt Clinton machine is becoming harder to ignore.

We now know, for example, that the Clinton campaign coordinated with the New York Times earlier this year on a strategy to paint Donald Trump as “dangerous and bigoted.”

We also know thanks to the Podesta emails that the Clinton campaign regularly was tipped off by sources at the Justice Department into the FBI investigation into her private email server. (Brian Fallon, who forwarded this particular heads up to the campaign, was a DOJ spokesman before joining the Clinton campaign).

The emails show that the Clinton campaign set up at least two false-flag groups masquerading as Catholic organizations, with the sole purpose of undermining the Church — or as the campaign called it, provoking a “Catholic Spring” revolt against Church doctrines on same sex marriage and abortion.

The emails show that during her 2008 primary campaign against Barack Obama, Mrs. Clinton’s advisors devised a push poll to “test” claims that Obama was a Muslim, something she has tried to blame Trump for somehow inventing.

They show her staff colluding to obstruct justice after work-related emails from Sid Blumenthal relating to the Benghazi attacks were destroyed after receiving a subpoena from the Benghazi Select committee for those same emails. They also show her staff conspiring to destroy all emails from President Obama — who has claimed he didn’t even know Clinton’s private email address!

Why in the world would Clinton want to discuss such things, or face actual questions about them at a campaign event? And these are just some of the most recent revelations from her presidential campaign server.

There’s also the correspondence showing her knowledge that Saudi Arabia and Qatar were funding ISIS and other terrorist groups, and they contributed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation in the years prior.

Does it get more corrupt than that?

I believe the polls are already showing that Hillary’s ghost strategy could very well backfire.

The first Rasmussen national poll taken after last Sunday’s debate shows Trump now leads by two points, whereas the same poll had him down by seven coming into the debate.

On Twitter, #WomenWhoVoteTrump was the top trending hashtag for most of Friday, with hundreds of photos and personal accounts of women fed up with the smear campaign against Donald Trump.

This is America. And believe it or not, voters still want to know who the candidates are. They want to see them and hear them — and gosh, they want to know their vision for the future of this country, too.

When you throw a bucket of slime, as Clinton and her surrogates have been doing, you’d better clean your shoes before going home so not to leave tracks all over the house.

First published in The HIll.

Timmerman is a Donald Trump supporter. He was the 2012 Republican Congressional nominee for MD-8 and is the author of Deception: The Making of the YouTube Video Hillary & Obama Blamed for Benghazi, forthcoming from Post Hill Press in July.


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