Police officer ‘beaten’ by gang of thugs who steal his radio in Bradford

That is the Telegraph headline. The Daily Mail headline is longerThe moment a police officer is beaten to the floor in attack by gang of thugs who call him a ‘little b****’ and rob him of his radio in Bradford

The point of posting this isn’t the crime as such; plenty of crimes are committed every day. It’s what one comment at the (quickly closed and deleted) comment threat at the Telegraph called the elephant in the room.  The description of the men as thugs, which they are, but no mention of their ethnic origin, or the Islamic ideology which gives them the arrogance to believe they are  above English law, such that they can attack two police officers with impunity. and largely get away with it. Readers worked out that they are Muslims  from the area of Bradford where the assault took place, Girlington, being  according to Wikipedia “majority population of Girlington are of South Asian origin in particular Pakistani, Afghan and Bangladeshi.” From their clothes and appearance on the video, and tonight from the name of the one man so far charged. Girlington is one of those ‘no-go’ areas that don’t exist. 

Shocking footage has emerged of a police officer being beaten and robbed of his pocket radio during a horrific attack by a gang of thugs.  Police were called to reports of a disturbance involving a group of men on a street in Bradford, West Yorkshire, when they were suddenly set upon by the mob at around 5.54pm yesterday.

A recording of the incident shows the policeman being grabbed by the tunic by an attacker who then punches him in the face. The officer is seen grappling with his attackers who jab their fingers towards his face and yell insults while filming him.

The officer is pushed onto the grass and tries to retrieve his equipment as the mob circle him menacingly. The ring leader is heard shouting ‘little b****’ as the officer lies on the ground.  A female officer soon comes to her colleague’s aid as the mob continue to surround him.

…a member of the gang films themselves holding the officer’s pocket radio and boasts about ‘violating the coppers’.

The thug says: ‘We violate the coppers. We take their radios. You get me?’

Chief Inspector Bash Anwar, of Bradford District Police, said: “West Yorkshire Police condemns any violence towards its staff and all such incidents will be investigated thoroughly.”

I’ll let you follow the link to the Mail to watch the video. I can’t embed from that newspaper. 

Tonight West Yorkshire police report that

A Bradford man will appear before magistrates later this month charged with assaulting police officers in an affray incident in Bradford.

Zahoor Hussain (36) of St Leonards Road will appear before Bradford Magistrates Court on March 24 charged with two offences of assaulting an emergency worker and a public order offence.

He was charged in relation to an affray incident on St Leonard’s Road, Girlington on Saturday

Another man (aged 25) was dealt with via an out of court disposal for his role in the incident.

Two other men arrested in connection with the incident have been released on bail pending ongoing enquiries.

For all Chief Inspector Bash’s fine words this isn’t exactly the ton of bricks one might expect. 


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