Police ‘were told girl was pressured to prostitute herself to Rotherham taxi drivers in 1990s’


This has been going on for a very long time. From the regional northern newspaper The Star

Police were told an underage teenage girl was being pressured to have sex with Asian taxi drivers in Rotherham – but no action was ever taken, a court heard.

A 38-year-old woman, who said she lived at the home of defendant Karen MacGregor when she was 14 or 15 years old, said that she and other girls living in the property in the 1990s had been told to ‘earn their keep’ by having sex with men.

No details were given in Sheffield Crown Court as to when the complaint was made, but it occurred after the woman had left MacGregor’s house in the early 1990s and was living in Sheffield.

The witness, who is not one of the 12 complainants involved in the trial, earlier told the court she had moved in with MacGregor after previously living in a children’s home.

She said: “She was really nice at first. It was as if she cared when nobody else did.” But she said things began to change and she was put under pressure to have sex with men. She said on one occasion ‘five or sex Asian men’ had come into her bedroom and one attempted to have sex with her. She said: “Karen used to always have Asian men coming back all the time.One night I woke up to a roomful of Asian men in the bedroom, five or six of them. I remember one of them being sat over me and instigating sex and I was just thinking, ‘no’. One of them went outside and were saying I were being mardy.”


Babies have been born as a direct result of the sustained sexual abuse of vulnerable teenage girls in Rotherham by a grooming ring, a court heard.Sheffield Crown Court heard two of the 12 alleged victims have had babies which they say were conceived when being abused, while a number of others had abortions after being made pregnant.
…victim was said to have been made pregnant by Arshid Hussain when she was 14 but she had a termination after the defendant allegedly told her she couldn’t keep the baby or he would be sent to prison.

Ms Colborne said the girl was placed into foster care after a police protection order was made due to her being in ‘moral and physical danger’ but she was made pregnant by him again when she was 15, giving birth to a baby in 2001.

In the case of another complainant, Ms Colborne told the jury that the girl who was 13 or 14 at the time was persuaded to terminate a pregnancy conceived with Arshid Hussain after one of his brothers told her ‘Ash had children with seven English women already’.

The trial continues.

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