Poll: Half of British Muslims May Be ISIS Sympathisers – Muslim Association Blames Tory Cuts


From Breitbart

Despite the horrific actions of the Islamist terror group over the past 12 months, one and a half million British Muslims have been identified as potential supporters of Islamic State (IS) in a recently conducted poll.

Support for the group in the UK has grown from seven per cent to nine per cent since 2014, the ICM poll of 2016 people commissioned by The Mirror revealed.

Three per cent of Britons now declare a “very favourable view” of IS – rising from one per cent last year – which means numerically up to half of Britain’s three million Muslims may be supporters. Astonishingly, fully six per cent of the population register a “somewhat favorable” view of the group, up by one per cent.

More predictably those with a “very un-favorable” view of IS has risen from 45 to 80 per cent – in a year of beheadings, human burnings, drowning, mass rape and attempted genocide.

“One reason [for the support] may be due to the perception that ISIS represents an opponent to the West and those who are dissatisfied or disenfranchised with the new Tory policies – of further cuts and civil rights strangulation – are using this anonymous platform to express their frustration” Omer El-Hamdoon, president of the Muslim Association of Britain, told The Mirror.

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