President Obama call the Bibisitter


Bibisitter  screen capture

Source: Dr. Rich Swier eMagazine

Our colleagues at Gates of Vienna with the aid of the talented Vlad Tepes had this cute Likud Campaign commercial, Bibisitter, translatted and subtitled..  So,. President Obama, next time you and Michelle are out of town on official or fund raising trips you might call the Bibisitter to look after your daughters. He appears more able to look after things in Israel than those others you seem to be supporting in next month’s Knesset election, Tzipi and Buji..

Watch the Bibisitter Likkud ad here:



0:03   Mami, what time did you call for the babysitter to arrive?
0:06   We’re late…
0:15   WOW… It’s the Prime Minister…
0:21   What an honor! What… what are you doing here?
0:24   Bibi: Did you call for a babysitter? You got a Bibi-sitter. Where are the children?
0:29   But you’re the Prime Minister. Are you the one to watch our children for us?
0:33   Bibi: Look, it’s either me…
0:35   Or Tzipi (Livni) and Buji (Hertzog) (both candidates, leading the Labor party)
0:38   No, no, no… Buji? It’s our kids who need to babysit HIM…
0:40   By the time we get back we won’t have a home…
0:42   He’ll even sell out our carpets (territories – same root in Hebrew)
0:46   And Tzipi? Tzipi?! She stays two hours in one place…
0:50   Bibi: By the time you get back, she’ll probably move to the neighbors’…
0:53   In the next elections you will decide who will protect our children…
0:57   In the next elections one should vote ONLY Likud…
1:00   It’s US or THEM… Only Likud… Only Netanyahu…
1:04   (on TV screen) Enough Tzipi
1:10   SHALOM (PEACE)…
1:12   Bibi: Not at any price.
1:14   (text) The Likud Under Netanyahu






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