Protesting Afghan women injured in Kabul stampede

From The Deccan Herald and Hindustan News India

Afghan women took to the streets of Kabul to protest against the discriminatory restrictions being imposed against them, including the recent travel restrictions on women. But shots fired in the air by Taliban security personnel led to a stampede that left a number of women protesters injured.

Hundreds of women came out in Kabul to protest and express their anger against the restrictions imposed on women by the Taliban, which continue to get tougher, spreading fear of the similar impositions during the previous rule of the Taliban when strict curbs were imposed on women, barring them from their basic rights of education, employment and other basic facilities.

A protester who got injured in the stampede said that even though she was in a lot of pain, she felt unsafe to see the doctor. “My face is injured so badly that even now when I speak with you, I am in much pain. We couldn’t even go to a doctor because we don’t feel safe, we are threatened,” she said. “Even now I am shaking with fear as I speak with you,” she added.

They used the slogans “we’re the voice of hungry individuals” and “we’re awake, we hate discrimination.”

“How can we discover a relative to go outdoors in pressing moments? They stated ‘we’re not liable for your meals,’ so pay our salaries and we will eat, we’re not the ladies of 20 years in the past, we is not going to be silent,” stated Wida, a protestor, reported Tolo Information.

The Islamic Emirate shouldn’t take away girls from society, they stated.

“We gathered to lift voices in opposition to restrictions imposed on girls; our faculties are closed, they took away working alternatives, now they ordered us to not exit of our houses alone, they’re speaking concerning the rights described by Islam. Does Islam order {that a} nation needs to be hungry, does Islam say to forbid ladies from training?” stated Shayesta, a protestor.

“We’re half of the society, we’re human, now we have the appropriate to training and to work, I ask the worldwide group to not acknowledge this authorities,” stated Zahra, a protestor.

The Taliban leadership, while promising and assuring the international community to ensure the rights of employment and other basic rights to the women of the country, have been imposing restrictions on travelling alone, barring teenage girls from going to school and directing vehicles to refrain from picking up female passengers who do not wear a headscarf.

The Taliban leadership has also shut down the former administration’s Women’s Affairs Ministry.

The latest direction is to cut the heads of clothing shop mannikins.

An official within the Directorate of Promotion of Advantage and Prevention of Vice in western Herat province in Afghanistan stated posing and searching on the face of such mannequins is in opposition to the Islamic Sharia regulation and therefore the heads of all such mannequins needs to be minimize off.

Quite a few shopkeepers in Herat raised issues in opposition to the directions and stated that the Taliban are making their life harder with every passing day. The shopkeepers stated that they’d purchased every model for $100-$200 and now they’ve to chop their heads off.

Ali Ahmad, one Herati shopkeeper, stated, “Really, these mannequins are my solely belongings now, and now with this new order I’ve to chop their heads off. It’s a nice loss for me,” as per the report.


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