Rapper who called himself ‘Masked Menace’ found guilty of plotting terror attack in lockdown

From Sky News. I have been reporting bits from his trial recently. Herehere and here, since his arrest last year, in Dagenham. 

Sahayb Abu is the sixth member of his family to be linked to Islamic State, and is said to be a “dangerous individual”. 

A self-styled drill rapper jihadist who called himself the “Masked Menace” has been convicted of planning a sword attack in London during lockdown.

Sahayb Abu, 27, was convicted on Friday for the plot in which he had intended to use an 18in gladiator-style sword bought over the internet – and had paid an additional £20 to have it sharpened. Other purchases included a lock knife, Kevlar ballistics vest, camouflaged hat, balaclava, a mask and fingerless gloves.

His brother Mohamed Abu, meanwhile, was cleared of his charge of failing to inform authorities of his sibling’s plans. The 32-year-old wept as he heard his verdict at the Old Bailey, and became distressed as Suhayb was told he had been found guilty. “He’s a clown, he’s a buffoon,” he sobbed.

Following the verdicts, Commander Richard Smith said Suhayb, from Dagenham, east London, was a “very dangerous individual” with “murderous intent”, despite portraying himself to be a clownish character. “There is no doubt in my mind that Sahayb had murderous intent, some of that was evidenced from the kind of things that he was posting online and sharing with others, including his brother,” Mr Smith said.

It can also now be disclosed that Sahayb is the sixth member of the same family to have become involved with IS.

Two brothers, Wail and Suleyman, were killed in Syria fighting for IS.  Another brother, Ahmed Aweys, was prosecuted and jailed alongside his sister, Asma Aweys, and her husband Munye for disseminating terrorist literature. The judge jailed Ahmed Aweys for 25 months, his sister for 19 months and her husband for 15 months, after all three pleaded guilty.

Sahayb, who was jailed last year for attempting to burgle a jewellery shop, had been freed from prison just weeks before he began plotting the attack.

Three days after buying the sword, Sahayb recorded a rap in which he said: “Allah arrest him my shank [knife] penetrate ya, got my suicide vest one click boom and I’ll see you later.”

Authorities do not know the planned target for his attack, but say he had been researching various sensitive sites in London, including the US and Israeli embassies. He will be sentenced at a later date.


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