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Last Saturday a march for women’s rights took place in Berlin, organized by Leyla Bilge, an ex-Muslim and member of AfD.  But a narrow street on the route made it easy for Leftists to block the marchers and according to reports the police were less than enthusiastic in keeping the route open so that the marchers could proceed. In reading the comments section on this report at Gates of Vienna  I noticed an entry which caught my attention:

Antifa is part of an unholy alliance which stands against the West … This includes, some say, high-level arms and drug traffic… This is, perhaps, another conspiracy theory, but there is, no doubt, some truth in it. These partners think, perhaps, that they can help each other in fighting the West, and, after they win (let us pray this doesn’t happen!) discard one anotherThere are places in which we can see both drug traffic and terror organizations, especially Islamic ones, in action. One such place is the Triborder, in South America, where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay meet: It is said to have hosted some high-level Hizbollah members. Relatively few people are aware of that, but it is a danger for the future. Ex-CIA station chief Brad Johnson has an interesting YouTube video about this.

So I checked it out. 

This video, an interview with ex-CIA Station Chief was made in 2017 shortly after the Manchester Arena bombing in which twenty-three people were killed, including the attacker, and over 500 were injured. Ex-station chief Brad Johnson has some interesting things to say about the way in which terrorist groups operate around the world.  Considering what he has had to deal with, Johnson is relaxed and matter-of-fact but then I guess you might need to be when dealing with this nightmare. 

In the interview Johnson is asked a series of questions about militant Islam, and the combined threat of militant Islam with a resurgent classical leftism. Some of his answers are shocking. It is therefore worth remembering who these people are, how they work and. what they plan.

There is a long discussion about something called the Manchester Manual which is the ur instruction manual from which most Jihadi publications derive.This document was found as a result of investigations made after the 2005 London bombings in which 52 people were killed and over 700 wounded. After that event British Intelligence raided many safe houses throughout the UK. In one of these houses they found a computer and on the computer was a document – a training and recruiting manual. Because it was found in Manchester it became known as the Manchester Manual. 

The MM itself is divided into 13 or 14 chapters – much of it stolen from British Special Forces material and rewritten for the purposes of al Qaida back in the day. There are many documents like this in circulation, but the MM is the template for them all. Subjects include who to recruit, how to spy and collect information, where to rent safe houses, including a complete manual on how to run a terrorist operation in a foreign country, how to set up security – this includes designating tasks to specific people on your team – some stand and fight to the death, some destroy documents, some escape with documents, etc. This division of labor Johnson says, has proved to be exactly how they have operated in real raids. 

Johnson also discusses a jihadi magazine called RUMIYAH which contains advice and information that he says is closely followed by terrorists. RUMIYAH No. 9 for example deals with issues like moral justification –  that is what is and isn’t halal (clean).  For example, it’s halal to kill men women and children, and to attack schools. What the magazine advises usually takes place, he says.

In one issue of this magazine there is advice on how to set up operations that, although small, are still very effective in creating absolute terror – for example attracting people via an ad for an apartment rental or a job interview but killing them instead.  Advice: set up a place in advance where screams cannot be heard and have a room ready in which to dump the bodies. Good also is to bring people in on a schedule so that every hour or half hour you bring another person in for their ‘interview’ or to ‘see’ the rental, and as they come in you slaughter them – i.e. slit their throats. Johnson warns that this kind of action is already planned for the USA.   

The Triborder issue doesn’t appear until the end of the video. It is preceded by a discussion of how leftists have taught Islamists to play the victim card effectively. The interviewer refers to Carlos the Jackal, who is reported to have said that that the only way to topple the USA is through a combination of Islam and the Far Left. The interviewer asks what Johnson thinks of that. He replies:

I couldn’t agree more and Carlos the Jackal, by the way is an extraordinarily interesting character. He has written several books recently about asymmetrical warfare and is a big promoter of the extreme left joining up with the Islamic terrorists and is one of the world’s biggest philosophical promoters of this asymmetrical warfare, which is what we face with terrorism.

He wrote a little book that was on asymmetrical warfare and how to destroy the United States – and that book is required reading for much of the military of South America that’s gone to the left, like Venezuela. It’s required reading for every one of their officers.They have to be familiar with this and understand the concepts of asymmetrical warfare, how to cooperate with Islamic terrorism and so on – which if that doesn’t worry you about our southern border you’re not paying attention.

There’s a large Arabic-descent population in certain areas of South America. Certainly, the Triborder area, as It’s known, is famous for that – certainly a hotbed for this type of activity. So, these terrorist groups have made inroads there and have a friendly audience in many of these places, so it’s an absolute danger and I would add one more thing on that, and it’s really one of my pet peeves and why I do these interviews.

It’s that we have to defend ourselves – we have to go after these people. ….These guys are now killing our innocent civilians in the streets and we’re not really going after them the way we need to, to stop this. We can win this, and it doesn’t require a brain surgeon to figure out how to do it. It’s a combination of the US military and US Intelligence. And what have we done under the previous administration in those 8 years? Gutted the military and gutted the CIA to run these intelligence operations, and those two need to be put back at full force and let loose to get these guys and track them down and kill them. There is no other way.

A lot of people on the left are making claims like – oh we need to give them a job, we need to reeducate them, this that and the other – it’s nonsense.  There are a lot of pictures on these recruitment things I’ve been talking about, of terrorists who die with a smile on their face – that’s what they do – they take photographs of these individuals dead with smiles on their faces because they refused treatment that would save their lives because they want to be a martyr. So their conviction is such that if wounded they refuse treatment so that they can die and go to heaven as a martyr. And you think you’re going to convince those people to take a job? It’s just absolute nonsense. 









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