Republic of Ireland: Islamic dress code should be accommodated in schools – group

Having got what looked to most people like Ireland’s first lone wolf jihad attack immediately declared “nothing to do with terrorism”, and having implored the Catholics of Ireland not to blame Islam for terror (which the attack was nothing to do with, you MUST understand this…) the Irish Muslim Board has issued some of their requirements for happier and expeditious islamisation of the Republic. From the Irish Times

A Muslim campaign group says school uniforms should accommodate Islamic dress codes by allowing girls to wear full-length skirts, long-sleeved shirts and headscarves. The Irish Muslim Board has also called for school uniforms which have crucifix symbols or images of saints to be made optional in the interests of creating greater inclusivity.

The recommendations are contained in the board’s submission to a Department of Education consultation process over school admission policies. The group, chaired by Dr Ali Selim, was formed in 2016 to encourage Muslims to become more politically active.

In its submission, the group says Muslim children can feel alienated at school, particularly in activities that revolve around Christmas such as nativity plays and carol services.

It recommends that schools should take greater steps to include Muslims, such as accommodating the “Islamic religiously mandated code of dressing, deemed to be an essential component of their Muslim identity. . . Muslim girls should be allowed to wear full-length loose school skirts or loose trousers, a long-sleeved shirt and a headscarf to cover their hair. Schools have the right to specify the colour and the style of scarf for reasons of uniformity . . .”

It adds that school uniforms which have the crucifix symbol or other religious symbolism should be made optional. . . school assemblies in faith-based schools could be made more inclusive by recognising aspects of the Muslim faith. For example, schools could introduce Ramadan-based themes at assembly such as a communal breaking of the fast,

In a separate submission, the Muslim Primary Education Board – which represents Dublin’s two Muslim primary schools – says parents were finding it increasingly difficult to secure school places for their children at second level. It says anecdotal evidence indicates that the “Baptism barrier” is adding to these difficulties.

“While it has been stated that the number of children refused because of lack of baptismal certificate is small . . . this does not take into account the parents who do not apply for admission into schools that they know may ask for a certificate. “The situation at present is that the majority of schools in Ireland have a Catholic ethos, leaving Muslim children at the mercy of these admission policies…”

I recognise the drip – drip – drip …


2 Responses

  1. They should be roundly told to p*ss off and shut up. Fit in or get the h*ll out of Ireland. Ireland has been shaped by Catholic Christianity since the 5th century – since BEFORE Mohammed embarked on his cult-leader/ criminal career. No Muslim is being *compelled* to live in Ireland. They can get out if they don’t like it; no-one will try to stop them.

    How *DARE* they whine and squeal about their children being, forsooth, not accommodated to the nth degree. Next thing they will demand the removal of pork – a favourite Irish staple, the Irish pig is legendary – from the school menus, and the removal of crosses from Catholic schoolrooms.

    And meanwhile – I read Barnabas Fund newsletters. I know what these vile, vile supremacists do , in their own countries, where they are dominant, to the children of Christian and other non-Islamic indigenous minorities – e.g. Copts in Egypt, Hindus and Sikhs and Christians in Pakistan – when those poor kids have to attend Muslim-dominated schools NO accommodation is offered. The children are *forced* to study materials steeped in Islam. The teachers and the students alike *bully* and attack – even assault – those poor kids; the teachers mistreat them and regularly *mark them down* or even fail them – in order to humiliate them, degrade them, punish them for beng… not-Muslim. Imagine how the Muslims would HOWL if teachers and classmates in a school in any western country treated Muslim pupils even one-fifth as badly as non-Muslim kids are routinely treated – by their muslim teachers and classmates – in Muslim lands. Perhaps this bunch of whiners and squealers and would-be-infiltrators and subverters should be called to a meeting.. At that meeting, calmly and coldly, the officials – representing both Catholic and secular schools – should read out loud some testimony as to how non-Muslim kids are treated by Muslim schools (both by the Muslim kids there, and the teachers; and also, while being forced to learn the aggressively-Islamic curricula that openly denigrate and spew hate upon non-Muslim faiths) and then tell them straightout that they have it good, their kids are not being beaten for beng Muslim, or slapped, or marked down… and that NO further accommodations will be offered. If they don’t like the Catholic culture of a Catholic school, they can p*ss off back to whichever Islamic hellpit they came from. If they don’t like the *secular* rational culture of a secular Irish school, then, same applies: p*ss off back to the dar al Islam, nobody is going to beg them to stay. End of story. The uniform stays the same. Their kids will wear the standard uniform. Ramadan will not be observed by secular schools nor by Christian schools. ETC. *That* is what *should* happen.

    Maybe some Irish NER readers can get in touch with Irish parents worried about a Trojan-horse-style Muslim infiltration and subversion of the Irish education system – both its CAtholic and its secular strands – and point them in the direction of some useful resources with which to start putting up serious resistance.

  2. ” Muslim girls should be allowed to wear full-length loose school skirts or loose trousers, a long-sleeved shirt and a headscarf to cover their hair. Schools have the right to specify the colour and the style of scarf for reasons of uniformity . . .””

    See the psychological sleight of hand here? First the demand to dress in muslim costumes – then the concessions: “we’ll let you have the school colours”

    How about ‘F### off – if you don’t like OUR system – don’t bother to come here.’

    Ireland fought hard and bloody wars to get its freedom. Now it’s losing it by stealth. Wake up!!!

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