Rethinking The Darwin Awards

by Armando Simón

“It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” —Mark Twain

The term “Darwin Awards” is a term that came into being through the internet. It refers to individuals who are irredeemably stupid and died precisely because of their stupidity. In other words, they did something stupid which anyone else could see was extremely dangerous almost certainly resulting in death.

Or, they somehow sterilized themselves.

By carrying out these acts, human evolution was automatically improved. The species has a better chance of future survival. A series of books have come out detailing such incidents, and even a movie came out with the same name (although another movie, Idiocracy, was on a related topic).

On further consideration, it occurs to me that we have been looking at covid the wrong way.

During the covid pandemic, when we were assured by our knowledgeable authorities, the journalists and politicians (they are really the same), that millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of people were going to die and the only way to prevent it was by wearing cloth masks (the kind you can blow through) and submitting to the “vaccine,” some of us were highly skeptical for a number of good reasons. Anyone who knows the least bit about science knows that viruses are so small that an electron microscope is necessary to see it, and so to expect a cloth mask to prevent contagion was like putting up a barbed wire fence to keep out a mosquito—in fact, the boxes that were sold containing face masks stated outright that they did not prevent contagion. Secondly, the injection was not a true vaccine, it utilized mRNA and had not been tested in the usual manner. Third, many individuals who received the injection suffered long term severe side effects shortly thereafter, including sudden deaths. Lastly, it turned out that receiving the injection did not prevent contagion after all, in fact it increased the probability of being infected. More injections were necessary, said the authorities.

As you know, there was a tremendous amount of pressure to submit, to conform, to believe, to not question. Some people did submit, conform and believe from the very beginning, willingly if not eagerly. They looked upon those who did not with an almost homicidal hatred, occasionally erupting into verbal or physical violence.

Those persons who refused, and saw through the arguments and threats, tried to warn the others and were rebuffed, whereas in retrospect, we should have encouraged them to take additional “vaccines” and boosters.

It turned out that most of the Covidians were Democrats, the same kind of people that seem to be in a perpetual state of hysterics, whether it is about covid, racism, anti-Christianity, transgenders, global warming, Trump, anti-Americanism, you name it, stampeding from one crusade to another. The world would be a calmer, more rational place where we could examine problems in a sane manner with such people out of the way. Fewer hysterics, fewer true believers, fewer screams, fewer dumb people.

We should have thought of the Darwin Awards.

The Darwin Awards are even more relevant when it comes to the issue of transgenders, something that leftists are still promoting.

We have the case of liberal parents who convince their children, whether at birth, or at 3, 6 10, 12 years of age that they are really the wrong gender and should switch through transgender procedures in order that the parent get accolades from fellow liberals for his virtue signaling. Are these sick parents guilty of child abuse? Of course they are. You can even claim that they are exhibiting Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Regardless, whether it is because they are being neurotic, or a liberal (no conservative would engage in this sort of child abuse), the fact remains that the transgenders will become sterile.

As a young adult, you have got to be a special kind of stupid to consent to sexual self-mutilation. This stupidity is compounded by a refusal to listen to individuals who consented and have regretted it and are urging others not to follow in their footsteps (i.e., transgender regret, or, de-transitioning). The end result is that you look grotesque and, more importantly, you have become sterile. And, thusly, a recipient for the Darwin Awards.

So, for those of you (like myself) who have been urging people who are considering becoming transgendered,  and you, who are informing them that this movement is an instance of the periodic castration cults that historically crop up, I say unto you: Stop it! Let the fools do the unthinkable to themselves.

Lord knows there are too many stupid people running around loose.


Armando Simón is a retired psychologist, author of Very Peculiar Stories.


5 Responses

  1. I’m sympathetic, but since when did we start expecting 100% success rate against disease from a vaccine? Especially a new one against a new disease? We didn’t used to assume that they actually meant everyone would have an ironclad guarantee against infection. Sure, long established, regularly updated vaccines against long established, slowly evolving diseases asymptotically approach 100%. That’s a ridiculously high expectation to have as a matter of routine.

    As for the rest, I’ll never know what to say. Vastly, titanically larger numbers of people have had multiple vaccinations without either catching COVID or having any side effects. Whether that was in line with reasonable risk tolerance and evaluation, is well open to question. Plus, it appears that about 7 million or so people died of COVID, at least, which is less than half the equivalent low estimate for Spanish Flu, but is at least in the same kind of conceptual ballpark and worse than the postwar flu pandemics by a significant magnitude. People I am sure would have loved to have vaccination options in any of those.

    Masks were, of course, foolish and stupid, and hysterical mask mandates all the more so because hysteria about anything is stupid. On the other hand, harmless for all their stupidity unless one was the sort of person to blithely assume, “I’m masked, so I can walk through a cloud of COVID with no risk”. People like that last need to be culled anyway. For the rest of us, a harmless irritant- harmless, easy, cheap if not being handed out free, and so on. Compliance might have been irritating, but it was about as difficult and demanding as being obliged to wear pants in public. And yet we had counter-hysteria about how the masks were killing people and traumatizing The Children, as though adults had suddenly become prone to en masse panic disorders and kids had gotten a whole lot less resilient and uncaring in the last 40 years [they have, but this is not to be encouraged].

    I remain sympathetic to the critique of the politics and policy of 2020, but there was plenty of nonsense going around.

  2. Recent studies have shown that “vaccinated” persons are more likely to get COVID infection. The preparations used may have been of some use for nursing home residents, but for the general public the risk/benefit ratio is not favorable.
    Our government keeps pushing COVID preparations for infants, children, and all ages, yet the deaths among children from actual COVID are minuscule. In late 2021, the CDC published a figure of 198 deaths in children age five and under. That is 6% of the US population, about 19,000,000 children. Why not study the 198 and see if risk factors could be identified?
    I’ve had every vaccine offered to me other than COVID boosters, because they do not prevent transmission, and do not protect the recipient. COVID is a lab-souped-up cold — if your health is such that a cold is not a worry to you, don’t get the COVID preparation. Any benefit from the COVID preparation wanes very quickly, at most weakening any benefit about 4 months after administration. Why submit to injection with genetic material for a small amount of “protection”? It turns out that the current “vaccine” is not manufactured in the same fashion as the preparations used for the studies submitted to allow their administration under the government EUA (emergency use authorization). Can’t recommend this for mass administration, it might be helpful in certain specific circumstances. If the news media is to be believed, about 2% of the US population has received a booster recently. That sounds about right.

  3. @Greyhound Fancier, thank you for the accurate update and myth-busting.
    Does the supposed 7million Covid-caused death figure include deaths contributed by co-morbidities?
    Do the worldwide “Excess Death” figures relate to the vaccines theirselves being co-morbidic?
    Does the long-time concealment of available VAERS data justify indictments of government and manufacturers for crìminal murder?

  4. I’m open to comorbidity, but one problem is that it will likely be difficult if not impossible to extend that approach backward in time to continue to allow COVID comparisons with past respiratory pandemics, in all of which cases there will also have been huge numbers of comorbidities. To take just one example, probably a smaller number of people with diabetics, but once you get back to 1920 all of those will be untreated if not even entirely undiagnosed, so whether or not it contributed to their deaths can never be known.

    If the point is to make COVID look trivial compared to Spanish flu, which on raw numbers was several times worse, or Asian or Hong Kong flus, which each killed significantly fewer people than COVID, then I’ll need some basis for comparison that does not subject COVID to a more demanding test than these earlier pandemics.

    We’re liable not to get global agreement on these things. Too many people are like me-

    On one hand, four vaccinations with no side effects at all. Not even wooziness after any of the jabs. Might as well have been injecting nothing at all. Everyone I work with or otherwise know has had as many, and with no side effects. None of us seem to know any of the people with side effects. Not even at third or fourth remove. I keep asking. We might all die a couple of years earlier than we would have, but then that will itself end up being a medical study topic- did the vaccines decades earlier shorten our lives by creating some very long term malfunction? But at that point it will be mere statistics. I don’t have a fixed lifespan against which to measure my actual lifespan.

    On the other, I also completely avoided COVID for the duration of the official pandemic, despite being at work at the office minimum two days/week [during the Delta panic] and usually 5 days a week, riding [admittedly at one point largely empty] buses, walking around on [for a time but eventually not empty] streets, being in supermarkets, walking through the mall once reopened, and so on. I practiced physical distancing of course, but then 2 metres is pretty much my minimum defensive distance for strangers as a rule. In 2021 I even ate at bars and restaurants once or twice a week to show solidarity with local places, which is many orders of magnitude more dining out than I would normally have done, and not really good for my diabetes, but I never got COVID from it. So I am quite willing to accept that it was not as contagious as it seemed to some, less contagious than its weaker kin the common cold or than its similarly risky but not kin the flu. I haven’t had flu in decades but I get colds regularly enough, so COVID was clearly easier to avoid than that.

    On the Hypothetical Third Hand, I’ve had a regular cold turn into bronchitis twice, and one of those in turn into pneumonia, at the age of only 31 in 2002 at that, and had some kind of funky respiratory thing from Asia that kept me hurling up mucus most days for 4 months in 2008-9 and 8 months in 2009-10, eventually diagnosed as having made me asthmatic, save that I have had no symptoms since and never needed to use an inhaler. So while I don’t know if I really am asthmatic, I am wary of weird respiratory infections from Asia and even regular respiratory infections in North America, as being potentially much more consequential than just having a couple of days trifling sniffles. So my reaction to COVID was shaped by all that.

    In the end, if vaccination helped me stave off anything from COVID equal to a bout of pneumonia [weeks of sickness followed by months of weakness] or of whatever gave me the multiple month mucus eruptions, great. Totally worth it given I had no side effects at all- even the pneumonia might kill me at 20 years older. The jabs did me no harm at all.

    I’m already diabetic, hypertensive and maybe [?] asthmatic. Whatever new chronic illnesses I inevitably develop later in life, as who does not, I will naturally wonder if they can be traced back to the vaccines, just as I might wonder if they trace back to flu shots, or vaccines for weird diseases I’ve had for work, or some ancient infection I had forgotten, or side effects of the diabetes. If medicine is anything then like today, I expect no detailed flow chart will be provided.

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