Rowan Dean, Aussie Satirist, Takes Aim at Walid Aly, Islamopologist Extraordinaire

There have been other, longer, more detailed and much more erudite demolition jobs performed on the slithery Mr Aly, notably Vicky Janson’s excellent book “Ideological Jihad” which is couched as a letter of response to Mr Aly’s book-length whine, “People Like Us”; but Mr Dean’s is a masterpiece of its kind.  To understand why he refers to Mr Aly as “Sheik Waleed Logy” one must know that Mr Aly this year received a “Golden Logie” award for alleged achievements in media.

Mr Dean’s take-down of Aly forms the second paragraph of his satirical essay “Fresh in the Annals of Outrage, Here’s the Winners of Whingeing”, which was published by the Australian Financial Review on May 29 2016, but which I only recently happened to discover.

“Fresh in the annals of outrage, here’s the winners of whingeing”.

‘A nation which has raised taking offence ot an art form deserves recognition.  Here they are: the 2016 “Poor Me” Awards.

“Following yesterday’s “Rich 200” List, the Fin. [i.e. Financial Review – CM] is proud to publish the 2016 Poor Me List, the definitive, must-read list of the top Poor Me people in Australia.  The list is compiled exclusively from among the wealthiest or most celebrated individuals in Australia, who despite their great fortune and good luck, still bleat on about how hard done by they are.  The judges’ final decisions were based on the sincerity and heartfelt quality [of the complaint – CM] as well as the frequency with which the candidates have expressed the winning (and, indeed, whining) sentiement, “Poor me”.

“1.  Sheik Waleed Logy.  A high rating member of every Poor Me list compiled since its inception yesterday morning, this much-loved TV host, radio host, newspaper columnist, political commentator, terrorism expert, Boko Haram apologist, Hot Glossy Magazine Cover Boy and all-round Top Dude, who also happens to be married to a Hot Glossy Magazine Cover Headscarf-Wearing Top Chick, has finally clawed his way to the very top of the Poor Me list.  The judges were particularly moved by the way the tears flowed spectacularly in the audience during his 2016 Golden Alie [sic] Acceptance Speech, as Mr Logy fought back his own tears and pointed out how horrendous and oppressive it is to be a Muslim in today’s redneck, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, intolerant Australia.  Poor Me Rating: 11 stars…”…

Everyone else on Mr Dean’s list of persons he thought suitable to receive a “Poor Me” award is an Aussie infidel; yet despite fierce competition it was a Muslim that topped the list.  My thanks to Mr Dean for cutting both the insufferable and sinister Mr Aly and his equally-insufferable dozy bint convert-to-Islam wife right down to size.  – CM


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