Schoolgirls in Iran

I was once a schoolgirl asking ‘why not?’ I didn’t live under an oppressive theocracy; the Church of England has always been as liberal as the secular politics of the day allowed. But there were still some things I wasn’t supposed to do.

Why can’t I train as an airline pilot was the question I was pushed forward by my friends to ask at a careers forum. The answer was because we don’t train women.

But WHY DON’T YOU TRAIN WOMEN??? (In case you are wondering why I am not an airline pilot its because I have poor eyesight, poor spatial awareness, very little aptitude and no real desire – it was the principle of the thing)

These girls of about the same age are challenging something much more dangerous than a pompous official for BOAC. And they are challenging for more basic freedoms. I am overcome with admiration.

This song in Farsi is based on tweets after the death of Mahsa Amini.

I found an English translation  – these are some of the reasons to resist.


For dancing in the streets
For your sister, my sister, our sisters
For changing corrupted minds
For the longing of a normal life
For this forced authoritative economy
For the polluted air we breath
For the Asiatic cheetah and the chance of its extinction
For the innocent prohibited dogs
For the face that laughs
For the students, for the future
For this forced heaven
For man, country, prosperity.

It’s not just one school, or one college.

This is the BBC. Schoolgirls heckle paramilitary speaker

A new video posted online appears to show schoolgirls heckling a member of Iran’s feared paramilitary Basij force, after anti-government protests sweeping the country spread to the classroom.

The teenagers wave their headscarves in the air and shout “get lost, Basiji” at the man, who was asked to address them.

Other footage circulated on social media shows a man shouting “death to the dictator” as another group of girls walk through traffic in the north-western city of Sanandaj and an elderly woman clapping as unveiled schoolgirls chant “freedom, freedom, freedom” at a protest on a street.

Meanwhile in England the best we can offer the world is a dozy bint pouring a bucket of human waste over the statue of an elderly veteran who raised millions for the NHS during the pandemic before dying at the age of 100. Her cause? Ban private jets. 


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