Scotland: Karate-Skilled Scotswoman Saved Herself From 2 Muslim Attackers Who Now Get Jail And – One Hopes – Deportation


The – fortunately-foiled – attack was perpetrated last year; the trial took place in April this year and the sentence was brought down on Friday 19 May.  One of the two Bengali Muslim attackers is called – you couldn’t make this up – Mohammad Islam.  The Daily Mail report is as good a summary as any, though the local Scottish paper had a few extra details.

‘Two Illegal Immigrants (that is: ‘Two Bengali Muslim men, Illegal Immigrants’ – CM) who attacked woman walking home from nightclub are jailed after she used her karate skills to fight them off.

‘Two illegal immigrants (that is: Two Bengali Muslim men, illegal immigrants’ – CM) who assaulted a woman walking home from a night-club came off worse after she used her karate skills to beat them up.

‘The pair were jailed for six years after they were found guilty of following (they didn’t just ‘follow’ her, they grabbed her and pushed her to the ground face-down and tried to hold her there – CM)  29-year-old Kelly Soutar.

‘The brave victim has spoken of her ‘complete relief’ after the pair were jailed for six years.

‘Ms Soutar, 29, described how Shehab Smekramuddin and Mohammad Islam – both illegal immigrants who claim (and that claim is almost certainly false – CM) to be “political refugees” – had followed her from a club in Forfar, Scotland, before they struck.

Note.  They are illegal immigrants. Were they known to be illegal immigrants before, having attacked Ms Soutar, they came to the attention of law enforcement?  If so: why had they not been deported already?  Why should any illegal immigrant be permitted to remain?  In the case of Muslims, the danger that they represent to the indigenous non-Muslim inhabitants is so real and so great, demonstrated by multiple instances of atrocious behaviour similar to – or often much worse than – the assault on Ms Soutar, that no glibly recited sob story presented by an obviously-Muslim ‘illegal immigrant’ or claimed ‘refugee’ should be believed; send them back!  – CM

Ms Soutar, who works as a welder and who has a brown belt in karate – said that her self-defence training kicked in, allowing her to punch, head-butt and kick the duo before making off.

‘During a trial at Dundee Sheriff Court, prosecutor Eilidh Robertson told a jury, “She admitted she punched one of the men – kicked him in the balls, in her words”.

Good on her. – CM

‘A sheriff jailed the pair for three years each – and they now face deportation to their native Bangladesh when their sentences expire.

They had better be deported.  One hopes that Ms Soutar and her friends, and also all Islamo-aware Britons whether in Scotland or anywhere else, will not let the matter drop.  Is Gavin Boby’s “Law and Freedom Foundation” aware of this case?  The pressure should be kept up throughout the three years that Islam and Smekramuddin are in jail; it must be made crystal clear to the relevant authorities that this two evil Muslim men, who assaulted a lone woman, must not be permitted to remain in the UK: out they should go, back to Bangladesh, the instant that they finish doing time.  The fact that Ms Soutar was able to fend them off, and escape, is irrelevant; they attacked a lone woman, with obviously evil intent. –  CM

‘Speaking outside court, Ms Soutar said she hoped her story would encourage other women to take self-defence classes to allow them to stay safe.

Not just ‘self-defence classes’. This lady has a brown belt. A black belt would have been even more useful. Whatever martial art you choose, dear infidel ladies and gentlemen, don’t play at it.  Practise regularly and often and aim for serious proficiency and then, once you achieve that, keep in training.  Stay fit and maintain your skills.  Because it is – as this lady herself says later in the article – the instinctive ‘muscle memory’ or ‘body memory’ that you will need in an emergency; and you don’t get that from a few sessions now and again, you only get it from regular practice.  You need to be so familiar with the moves that, when the necessity arises, you won’t have to think about what to do, you will just… do it.  – CM

‘Ms Soutar, a member of Dundee’s Kanzen Karate club, said, “I was wearing my karate club hoodie at the time – I wouldn’t have started on me!  I’m glad it is over with, and it’s satisfying that they got a sentence and didn’t get away with it.  It is a complete relief knowing they won’t be able to do this to anyone else in this country.

So long as they are deported, in three years’ time. – CM

“It makes it worth going through the whole thing, and hopefully now I can get on with my life.”

‘Ms Soutar – who will compete in WUKF World Karate Championships in Dundee next month – added – “A lot of people have got in touch with me to ask about karate groups and going to do self-defence classes and whether it is worth it.  It has raised awareness, which is the main thing, and I definitely think self-defence classes are worth it.  Even just a little bit can give you confidence.”

With violently-aggressive Mohammedan mobsters roaming the streets – and some of them, too, go in for martial arts such as kickboxing, although any sensible infidel martial arts teachers should refuse to share such skills with an identifiable mohammedan – sensible infidels need more than just a “little bit” of self-defence training.  Pick a martial art, not just ‘self-defence classes’; and then buckle down and learn it properly and keep in training; preferably with a group of friends. And it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask the instructor/s about what one needs to do if confronted by an attacker wielding a knife. In this case, the attackers did not have a knife; but what if they had? – CM

‘The trial heard how the pair had stood outside the Royal in Forfar town centre staring at her for a period of time, before she left to walk home.  Chilling CCTV footage shown in court showed Ms Soutar walking home with the two men following around 200 yards behind.

‘She hung around the built-up area until she thought that they had given up and disappeared, before resuming her journey 20 minutes later.

‘But Islam approached again outside a park close to her home, and Smekramuddin leapt over a wall and grabbed her.

‘Speaking after the trial, she said, “The younger one came towards me and I kneed him in the groin.  When he came towards me again, I punched him in the face.  At that point the guy who was holding me pushed me to the ground so I was flat on my stomach and the other one had come in and was breathing on my head.  I lifted my head.  I don’t know which of the two I connected with, but I just struggled.  We have been taught self-defence stuff in class, especially if you are down on the ground.  Muscle memory took over and my body just reacted on its own. I managed to dislodge the guy off my back and as soon as he was off balance I pushed him away and just ran.”

‘Ms Soutar fled to a friend’s home after the attack, which took place last September, where she turned into a “complete emotional wreck” and called the police.

‘The trial heard she has suffered panic attacks, and struggles to go out on her own.

Still: she won, even she’s got a bit of combat shock afterward.  She saved herself, most likely, from rape or even murder.  Over time, she should heal; I would advise her to keep up the training, aim for a Black Belt, and get all her friends, male and female, who don’t already do karate, to sign up alongside. – CM

‘Ms Soutar said she was disappointed that the intent to rape allegation was deleted by jurors, adding, “If I hadn’t got away as quickly as I did there might have been more evidence to support their intent – but if I hadn’t got away as quickly as I did – and the two of them had got hold of me – I might not have got away”.

‘Islam, 28, and Smekramuddin, 59, both prisoners at HMP Perth, denied a charge of assault with intent to rape allegedly committed on September 17 last year.  

‘After a three-day trial a jury found both men guilty of assault, with the allegation that they intended to rape the woman deleted from the charge.

‘Defence advocates for the pair said they had both left Bangladesh as “political refugees”, and had been in the UK for years (how many years, exactly?  and why had they not been given the boot, already? – CM), both ending up working at an Indian restaurant in Forfar where they met.

“However, both maintained their denials (in the teeth of CCTV footage – CM) of having any involvement in the attack.

I wonder whether in the course of the fight she got any skin or hair off them, for the forensics people? – CM

‘Sheriff Linda Smith jailed them for three years each, and said, “At the trial I heard the victim – the young woman assaulted by you – give evidence, and have seen the effects your involvement in this matter has had on her.

“It is clear that the jury convicted you of assaulting this young woman, who was followed and then attacked on her way home from a night out”.

There are a few interesting additional details in a report – from April 22 2018, just after the trial and conviction of the two mohammedthugs –  in the local paper, “The Courier” of Angus and Mearns.

“They Didn’t Go For My Bag Or Anything Else… That’s Why I Thought I Was Going To Be Raped”, Brave Attack Victim Speaks Out.

“A brave Angus woman who fought off two attackers with karate moves after they pounced as she walked home from a night out, has spoken of her certainty she would have been a rape victim had she not broken free…

“Ms Soutar has …spoken out in the hope other women will consider learning the self-defence skills she said automatically kicked in as she lay pinned to the ground by her assailants.

‘She kicked one of her attackers in the groin and landed a series of blows which allowed her to break free and run to the safety of a pal’s house…

‘A karate Brown Belt, Kelly fell in love with the martial art after going with a pal to a self-defence class a couple of years ago, and is now preparing to represent her Dundee Kanzen Karate club in the World Championships when they come to the city this summer.

“She admitted panic set in as the men pounced, but [she] then found the strength and skills to overcome the two men, caught on CCTV loitering near the town centre Royal nightclub shortly before the attack.

“When they got me to the ground that’s when the thought of rape went through my head”, said Kelly.  “They didn’t go for my bag or anything else – they could have just run off with that – and that’s why I thought I was going to be raped.

To begin with, I couldn’t think of anything I had been taught at karate, and then it was more a case of muscle memory and my body was acting on its own.

That is the key. That’s why, no matter what art you choose – judo, taekwondo, karata, wing chun Kung Fu, krav maga – you had better practise, practise, practise, practise; and get the instructor to make sure you practise, over and over, dealing with the sort of attacker who jumps you from behind, who has you on the ground, who might have a knife, and what to do if there is more than one. Because the moves have to be so ‘ground in’ that even when the conscious mind is blanking out in a panic, the body remembers what to do…and does it. – CM

“I managed to kick one of them, and then hit out, to get free – I don’t know if they chased me, because I didn’t look round, I just ran”, she said..”.

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  1. As a third degree karate black belt I have to say how pleased I am to see a woman defend herself in this manner. I’m also surprised that nobody has attempted – at least for the moment – to prosecute her for her “brashness”. It is possible that had she been a black belt she may have actually been prosecuted. This is because for some reason you automatically gain “hands of death” when you are graded from brown to black belt. And as Christina quite rightly says, you can’t “dabble” in karate; you either dedicate substantial time and (relentless) effort to it, or don’t bother. It’s not like Yoga, although that’s another subject that could be endlessly discussed.

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