Search for Berlin attack suspect intensifies as anger in Germany grows


From Deutsche Welle

German officials have come under fire after it emerged Anis Amri, a suspect in the Berlin Christmas market attack, was known to police. Reporters from public broadcasters NDR and WDR as well as the daily “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reported that Amri’s fingerprints were found on the door of the truck that drove into the crowded Christmas market.

Police raided a refugee shelter early Thursday morning in Emmerich and apartments in Dortmund where the Berlin Christmas market attack suspect reportedly lived prior to moving to the German capital, authorities said. Around 100 officials, including special units, were involved in the operations.

While confirming that anti-terror operations in connection with the Berlin attack occurred, the Federal Prosecutors Office told DW no arrests took place. The spokesman added that operations have been conducted across Germany in the search for Amri.

Earlier on Thursday, the mass-market daily “Bild” reported four people who allegedly had contact with Amri were arrested in Dortmund. The paper said Germany’s chief federal prosecutor confirmed the arrests. Public broadcaster WDR also reported that four people had been taken into custody.

Amri reportedly communicated with IS at least once, researched how to build explosive devices online and was on a US no-fly list, “The New York Times” reported late on Wednesday, citing an unnamed US official.

German prosecutors have issued a Europe-wide wanted notice for Amri, offering a 100,000 euro ($104,000) reward for information leading to his arrest.

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