SFU Feminists -The Fiamengo File Episode 19

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  1. Wow, I get the sense that you actually like men. How refreshing.
    These anthrophobes ( I just coined the word) seem to feel that yin and yang is all a big mistake.

    What gets me is that the millions of men who have died defending the US and Canada seem to be getting no gratitude from these twits even though they would not be able to enjoy the priveleges they have without the robust and healthy expression of the male ethos that went into protecting them.

    Usually women (?) like these while straining after ever more nebulous instances of sexism, don’t speak of the abominable conditions Muslim women have to endure and even pillory those that do.

  2. Thanks, John, yes, I am a big fan of men and tired of the feminist nonsense that tries to pretend our society would be better off with men permanently marginalized. Meanwhile, the feminist majority is silent about the threat of ISIS, which it tends to see as no worse for women than western capitalism.

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