Should There Be Any Limits On Marriage?

Recently a young American woman announced her intention to marry her father. As we were digesting this curiosity there appeared on AOL News a story entitled “My Strange Addiction:  Florida Woman marries a carnival ride,” a brief narrative worth reading (there is a video interview). That marriage was in fact solemnized by an official ceremony. In a matter of months the United States Supreme Court will rule on the issue of same sex marriage. An affirmation of that practice under the Constitution will of course bring cases before that tribunal from folks seeking equal treatment for those wishing to marry their fathers and people in deep and meaningful relationships with carnival rides and other imposing objects. So get ready, because that’s where we’re headed.


4 Responses

  1. The Left will do anything to trivialize marriage, including championing crazies who marry a carnival ride. From the beginning I have been opposed to any change in the definition of traditional marriage, in part because it throws the door wide open for muslim polygamy.

  2. This #falling in love with inanimate objects’ has a name, can’t remember what it is, but it’s a fetish or mental illness. The point is, how is the marrige consummated?

  3. on the subject of cosumation of marriage I keep wondering how is it going to work with homosexuals. Most western laws have provisions to annul a marriage is it is not consumated so what if this happens in a gay wedding? Is there going to be an argument about who is to do what? Will proctologists have to get involved? Can a battery failure be blamed?

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