Shouldn’t The New York Times Tell Readers A Little Something About Mohamed Elibiary?


In an article about Muslims in Texas who are now said to be “walking a fine line” — apparently they are wondering exactly how to pretend to be appalled by the Muslim would-be mass-murderers and at the same time, horrified in equal measure at those who drew cartoons of Mohammed — that appeared in today’s New York Times, among those who are identified as CAIR supporters (Ms. Salem, carefully described as being at one of her interfaith-racket outreach-sessions with “Jewish, Christian, and Muslim women”)– one of  the Muslims mentioned is Mohamed Elibiary.

Does that name ring a bell? Google the name.

The reporter for The Times did not bother to look into Mohamed Elibiary. A lot could have been found out, and some of it made part of the story. There’s still time for an additional article, perhaps one devoted entirely to Mohamed Elibiary.

And while waiting, one can start here.

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  1. ..And up to September of last year, he was a senior member of the advisory Council of the DHS. Just think about that for a minute. No doubt he would still be in that position today if not for pressure by Congress. Thanks be to our founders for creating a powerful legislative branch capable of dealing with a feckless, silly, and downright dangerous President.

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