Still on the look-out for information about grooming gangs in London

Regular readers will know that I (and others) are sure that there is Muslim sexual exploitation of young girls going on everywhere, and everywhere MUST include London. I wrote here in 2019 about the few mentions in the press I had found about it.  The Operation Grandbye which began to investigate allegations of rape on young girls groomed and centred round the McDonald’s fast food restaurant in Stratford near the Olympic site which never produced charges and was subsumed into the Citizens UK ‘City safe training’. I looked that up today and their main worry these days is the safety of those poor benighted persons who don’t know what sex they are. The ‘Uck’ party which was stopped at a kebab shop in Tower Hamlets. My opinion that because there are few predominantly white council housing estates in London, (white flight to the new towns of Essex, Kent and Hertfordshire) mass abuse such as seen in the northern industrial towns is unlikely; instead it will be many small operations. But in a city of 8 million people why would my hometown be exempt?  County Lines exploitation of children of both sexes and all ethnicities for drug distribution with an associated risk of sexual exploitation attached is the main focus of police and social service activity. And it is right to attack that exploitation, but it is a more ‘socially acceptable’ area of inquiry.

Doing a sweep on the search engines I came across this clip of a meeting on the London Assembly from March 2021. I hadn’t seen it before. I’m annoyed with myself for not spotting it earlier as it is important.  It took place a few weeks before the May 2021  election (postponed from May 2020 because of the pandemic) which returned Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London.

David Kurten of the Heritage party (formerly of UKIP and a colleague of Peter Whittle who kept asking awkward questions about the progress of Operation Grandbye) is the man in the top left hand corner of the zoom screen. Sadiq Khan is in the middle with the grand wooden desk. The chairman who pops up to cut off questioning is Navin Shah; he ceased to be Chair of the London Assembly after the May 2021 election. He is now the chair of the Constituency Labour party of the borough of Harrow.

The full 8 minute exchange is below from  David Kurten’s You Tube channel

but if you don’t want to watch the whole thing, as first David Kurten challenges Sadiq Khan on his support for BLM then the last two minutes when David Kurten introduces the subject of grooming gang activity in London is on this tiktok video


Sadiq Khan shuts down questions about grooming gangs.

♬ original sound – David Poulden

To precis, David Kurten refers to the recent (in March 2021) comment by the Police Commissioner for Northumberland that grooming gangs are operating everywhere, and the only reason they are not being found is that they are not being sought out. Mr Kurten asks whether Sadiq Khan is looking for the gangs, Sadiq Khan asks if the inference is that because of his ethnicity and religion he isn’t looking for such crimes.  Mr Kurten replies no, I’m asking because you are Police Commissioner for London. The chair, Navid Shah breaks in, tells him he has drifted off the point and shuts down any further discussion.

One can’t but wonder. As David Kurten says, if it is going on in Oxford, Aylesbury, Bristol and Peterborough (towns and cities in southern England) it must be happening in London.  And I don’t imagine that in two years it has stopped.


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