Stratford Vue capitulate over Lady of Heaven


A statement from the Metropolitan Police doing the rounds on Twitter. I want to find the original shortly, but as it it being re-tweeted by Nick Timothy of the Telegraph I am confident that it is bona fide.

To quote Mr Timothy himself

Well the Metropolitan Police sound mighty relieved that thuggery and criminal intimidation have prevailed over free expression and law and order.

and comments to his tweet

Just as well no one was planning to hold a vigil for a murder victim or they’d need to send in the Taser crew. A reference to the vigil held for Sarah Everard, kidnapped and murdered by a serving police officer, at which numerous peaceful young women were arrested (The Duchess of Cambridge had gone home before the police got ‘assertive’) and charged with breach of Covid diktat. 

@metpoliceuk  working with extremists, to allow blasphemy laws in through the back door?
Not sure what ‘faith officers’ have got to do with this. We have no blasphemy laws in this country and freedom of speech allows this film to be shown. Under what criteria has this film being pulled?
Someone needs to question the cinema manager to see if the police pressurised him into stopping the film screenings..  (I bet a £ to a penny he was) 
Richard Fairbrass of RIGHT SAID FRED Replying to @NJ_Timothy

The British police no longer represent an open democratic liberal society. They are enemies of freedom and the right to choose. Weakened by fear and woke paranoia they bend when needed and take the knee when it’s deemed necessary

And from happy Muslims

Alhamdulillah. Lady of Heaven has been removed from Vue Cinema in Stratford (yet to be announced if it’s the entire chain across the country).

Capitulation to thuggery is not very impressive from our woke and selective police service. 

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