Streatham shooting: Man shot dead by armed police after two stabbed in south London terror attack

From the Telegraph and the London Evening Standard; part and parcel of life in a big city.

A man has been shot dead by armed police after two people were stabbed during a terror attack in south London. 

Update from the Telegraph Suspect known to police: It is understood the man shot dead by police was under active counter terrorism surveillance 

The attacker was under active surveillance and the attack was Islamist-inspired, said Sky News security correspondent Alistair Bunkall.

Officers were called to the incident outside an Iceland supermarket in Streatham at around 2.30pm on Sunday. 

Witnesses reported seeing a man with a “machete and silver canisters on his chest being chased” by someone who appeared to be an undercover police officer. Witnesses on social media said they heard three gun shots fired just after 2pm on Sunday. 

Police said: “A man has been shot by armed officers in Streatham. At this stage it is believed a number of people have been stabbed. The circumstances are being assessed; the incident has been declared as terrorist-related.”

Kiranjeet Singh, the owner of Low Price Store on Streatham High Road, told The Times his brother Jagmon saw the terrorist steal a £3.99 kitchen knife from his shop before removing the packaging and stabbing a man and a woman.

A nurse who saw what happened said: “A man just went into a shop and took a knife and started stabbing people. “The shopkeeper tried to get the knife away from him but he got away and stabbed a woman on a bicycle. The knife was really big…”

A video shows one woman being taken into an ambulance. She was walking wounded, with a blanket around her.

A 38-year-old man said: “I heard he was stabbing ladies, one on a bicycle, not the same one seen being taken into the ambulance. They were trying to save the victims.”

Another eyewitness said: “One woman was stabbed in the back and one man was stabbed in the stomach.

Richard Mustonen-Smith, 59, a response pastor for Ascension Trust, has lived in the area all his life. He said: “I’m shocked it’s happened in Streatham. I’ve been here all my life. We’re always getting accidents down here but not this. My grandson was in the Odeon and they got told to go out the back because there was a bomb. . . I heard two people got stabbed and apparently one man was shouting Allahu Akbar but people thought he was just a crazy man, so he got away. Apparently he had two rucksacks.”

An eye-witness, who gave his name only as Matthew, said he was in a vape shop near the scene on Streatham High Road when he heard gunshots. He said: “I heard pop, pop, pop, pop, pop: five shots. Then I saw a body on the pavement. What got to me was that there was another guy with two massive holdalls, shouting very loudly in Arabic. I can’t believe no one challenged that bloke. I didn’t see what happened to him.”

Which doesn’t sound like a ‘right-wing’ extremist to me. Lets hope the victims do well in hospital tonight. 

Police say three people were taken to hospital; one is “in a life-threatening condition.” The other two less serious injuries.  A suggestion I read in one of the comments is that armed police discreetly patrol the area thoroughly everyday as a matter of course, this being now a known area for violence and crime. 


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