Study Finds Most Aussie Soldiers Are Intelligently Wary of Islam


And this despite strenuous attempts by the ‘sensitivity trainers’ that the Top Brass have dutifully hired in order to try to persuade them otherwise.  It seems that the excellent BS-detectors possessed and utilised by Aussie soldiers in the mid-east theatres of WWI and WWII have been passed to the next generation of Diggers.  The people who did the research on soldiers’ attitude and, predictably, the Guardian’s Michael Safi, reporting, are of course totally shocked that anybody who has spent time on the ground in the badlands of the Dar al Islam, with lots of opportunity to observe first hand how Muslims – when in absolute majority – so very often mistreat Infidels and each other, might emerge from the experience with a deep distaste for Islam, Islam, Islam.

‘Anti-Muslim Sentiment Strong and Widespread in Australian Army, Study Shows’

‘Defence force research finds 80 percent of participants believe Islam promotes violence – climbing to 91 percent if they have had sensitivity training.

Hmm. Does that mean that those soldiers who have been earnestly encouraged to find out more about Islam and understand what makes Muslims tick have gone back to barracks and cracked open a Koran… and have then read it, not just carefully-selected passages but really read it, all of it, and perhaps (while home on leave and momentarily at leisure?) looked up a few other things (Google makes it so easy to do this sort of thing, nowadays) such as the canonical Life of Mohammed, and – becoming ever more curious – even taken a peek into the pages of the Horrible Hadiths, and then ….quietly put two and two together to make four? – CM

‘Anti-Muslim sentiment is “strong” and “probably quite widespread” among Australian Defence Force members and was higher (teehee! that’s one in the eye for the Dawa boys and their carefully-conditioned Dhimmi agents – CM) among those who had undergone cultural sensitivity training, according to research commissioned by the army.

‘Soldiers from four special operations units based at Holsworthy army base were asked whether they believed “the Muslim religion promotes violence and terrorism”.

‘Of the 182 people who took part, an estimated 80 percent agreed with the sentiment, according to lead researcher Charles Miller from the Australian National University.

‘The survey was conducted as a “list experiment” to grant anonymity to the participants and reduce concerns that agreeing with the statement might invite repercussions.

The mind boggles.  Imagine if, during WWII, soldiers in any Allied army had had to fear that talking plainly about the relationship between the contents of Mein Kampf and the actions of the Third Reich, or about Bushido and Japanese atrocities against POWs and civilian populations, might be deemed a punishable offence.  CM

“This study has found strong evidence that many members of the ADF’s elite units simply do not buy the official line presented by Western leaders from George W Bush on that “Islam is a religion of peace”,” Miller concluded.

And why the hell should they be expected to buy this ‘official line”? Because it is an Orwellian lie. Because it can be shown to be a lie by anyone who takes the trouble to read the Islamic canonical texts – and sample some of their authoritative interpretations past and present – and then take even the most cursory glance at the past 1400 years of Muslim aggression against all sorts and conditions of non-Muslims, on three continents.  In the 1890s Winston Churchill referred to Islam as “the religion of blood and war”. That is a much more accurate definition; and it appears – thank God! – that the ordinary  combat soldiers of the ADF have got far more sense than the glassily-propagandised likes of Bush, Obama, Cameron, Turnbull, and so on and so dismally forth. – CM

“Anti-Muslim sentiment is strong at least among some of the elements of the ADF at the forefront of deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq”.

It is not a crime to dislike Islam.  Nor should it be seen as a crime to dislike the Muslims who are agents of Islam and who practise all manner of revolting cruelties upon the defenceless, all of it in obedience to the appalling example set by Mohammed the amoral warlord, rapist and caravan-robber. – CM

‘Miller estimated that the proportion of soldiers who had undergone cultural sensitivity training and agreed that Islam promoted violence was about 91 percent.

“The corresponding figure for those who have not had cultural sensitivity training is a mere 17 percent”, he wrote, in a paper published in the autumn edition of the Australian Army Journal.

The more you find out about Islam the less you like it…  I doubt that this ‘cultural sensitivity training’ course would have cover the most revolting aspects of the subject, of course; in fact, it is extremely unlikely that it would; but as I have pointed out already, soldiers undergoing such training might – their curiosity piqued – have gone on to do their own independent reading and research, leading them – when putting their research together with their experience on the ground, or with the unofficially-shared-with-them experiences of other soldiers who have been in the badlands of the Dar al Islam – to reach conclusions rather at odds with those desired by the dawa merchants. – CM

‘But he cautioned against declaring the one-day (one-day? – what on earth about anything can be properly covered in one day? – but at least only one day does not allow for full-on brainwashing; here’s hoping it stays at just one day – CM)  cultural sensitivity training a failure, noting that only soldiers who were deployed to the battlefield underwent the course.

“It could simply be that this [positive] effect is being comprehensively drowned out either by the effects of overseas deployment or by whichever factors caused individuals to join units which would be deployed overseas in the first place”, Miller said.

In other words: piffle about how ‘Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance’ evaporates like spit on a hot pan when the first IED goes off. – CM

‘Special operations units at Holsworthy had “borne a heavy share of the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan” he noted.

One might also note that it was the Holsworthy base that was going to be the target of a mass-murderous jihad raid plotted by a group of Australia-resident Muslims.  The plot was, fortunately, detected in time and foiled, and the plotters were arrested, tried and jailed; but the soldiers at the base must nevertheless be well aware that there could quite easily be other similar plots a-hatching. Not in the villages of Afghanistan or Iraq but right there in the ever-more-heavily Islamised suburbs of west-southwestern Sydney.  – CM

He suggested that “a higher dose of the training” could improve perceptions of Islam among soldiers (!!!! ??? – oh, spare us!  CM) but said further research was needed to make any conclusions about the effectiveness of the sensitivity course.

‘The ADF is currently engaged in official efforts to increase minority and female numbers among enlisted people.

What will they do if the females who enlist are grimly-well-informed young Infidel females who have read about the kidnapped and raped Christian girls of Chibok, and the kidnapped and enslaved and raped Yazidi and Christian girls of Iraq and Syria, and / or have watched Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s “Submission” or read her books, or any number of other books by other authors, and are looking to strike a blow against the Jihad?  And as for getting more Muslims to join the ADF.. oh, please, no!  Have they learnt nothing from the object lesson given at Fort Hood in the USA, where a Muslim in the US army walked in and mass-murdered non-Muslim US soldiers? – CM

‘The Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, wrote an introduction to the paper, noting it would “challenge your opinion of the way in which our army conducts and manages cultural sensitivity training.  And challenge is a good thing”.  

“We do not all have to agree.  Both the evaluation board of the Australian Army Journal, which reviews these articles, and my staff, have a number of opposing views on this article’s content and its reflection on the lived experience of army values”, he wrote.  “That said, discussion on sensitive matters, supported by sound research and rigorous analysis, helps position army to understand difficult problems and deal with them appropriately”.

Here’s hoping that the famed cynicism and basic commonsense of the standard-issue Aussie digger – always somewhat sceptical of the Top Brass and their pet projects, in any case – will render futile any extra-earnest attempts to push the farcical ‘religion of peace’ line down the soldiers’ throats.

For additional perspective on this study and its unsurprising results see the following sarcastic remarks by columnist Tim Blair over at the Sydney “Telegraph’.  Then peruse six pages of Comments, most of them well-informed and many of them witty and to the point.

“They’ve Been There and They Know’.

‘In an absolutely stunning development, it emerges that Australian soldiers who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq somehow don’t believe that Islam is peaceful.

“The vast majority of Australian Defence Force personnel believe the Muslim religion promotes violence and terrorism, despite “cultural sensitivity training by the ADF to have its soldiers take the view that Islam is a religion of peace.  The bombshell new study sponsored by the army finds that such “anti-Muslim sentiments” are “probably quite widespread among Australian frontline troops in Iraq and Afghanistan..” [citing a different newspaper article on the subject].

‘There’s a shock.  How on earth could these people have ever come to such a puzzling conclusion?

The study by academic Charles Miller, published yesterday in the Australian Army Journal, was clearly perceived by top military brass as likely to be highly controversial, prompting Chief of Army General Angus Campbell to write a preamble saying his staff “have a number of opposing views on this article’s content.”…..

‘Dr Miller, who is a lecturer in Strategic and Defence Studies at the Australian National University, writes that “in this study I use a technique designed to elicit frank responses to sensitive questions… to examine ADF views on Islam.”

“I find little evidence that the official ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ narrative is widely accepted, nor is there evidence that cultural sensitivity training has any effect”, he says.”

“Sensitivity training isn’t much use when it runs counter to empirical observation.”


click on the link to the Tim Blair article and read the Comments.

Here were a couple, though, that stood out, for they touched upon the broader issue of general Infidel civilian experience and observation.

A commenter named ‘Andrew C” remarked sarcastically, re the soldiers, that “Off to reeducation camp…!  How dare they have their own opinions from having experienced Islam first hand”.  To which a commenter styling herself ‘Lady Godiva’, replied,I was teaching at a high school in southern Brisbane on September 2001.  All the Muslim students in my class celebrated the 9/11 attacks, including a perky and angelic-looking girl in a colourful hijab..”.  (This commenter also observed that, sad to say, the ‘Arab Christians were also rabidly anti-American and anti-Jewish’; which sounds as though there is a lot of ‘de-programming’ work for better-informed and decent Aussie Christians to do, vis a vis their Dhimmified brethren who have lobbed onto these shores).  And then a second commenter, “trixie’, added the following, re the Muslims in a Brisbane high school celebrating the mass-murder of Infidels on September 11 2001 – “That is exactly what Trump was saying, about American Muslims.  My son saw the same thing at UQ [University of Queensland], with the predictable types crowded around computers celebrating…“.  And Andrew C followed up his initial remarks, with the following, showing that many an ordinary Aussie, not only our rank-and-file soldiers, have been making good use of their time and resources available – “Lady Godiva – not surprisingly.  Reliable surveys, such as Pew Global [linked] are very clear about the shockingly high rates of global Muslim support for terrorism, honor killings of women, the subservient role of the wife, desire for Sharia law, etc – all in the double digits and many over 50 percent globally.

Another commenter, ‘aelfheld of Texas’ [probably the ‘Texas’ which is a small country town in southern Queensland] observed, briefly and sardonically, “Truth is ‘anti-Muslim’?”.  ‘Robyn of Noosa’ remarked, equally briefly, “I lived in the Middle East for 10 years – I’ve been there and I know too.”  And another – “At least the ADF have great BS meters, even in spite of their PC-brigade top brass”.  

Then there was this  – “Possibly it’s the touching stories brought back from Afghanistan by serving ADF.  Such as trying to win hearts and minds by handing out lollies to children, only to see little girls punched to the ground by older boys so they could steal a larger share for themselves”.  

And this – “After 22 years of living in Indonesia, I too don’t buy the Islam-peace-tolerance lies.  Wouldn’t be a week goes by without a non-Muslim [i.e. an Indonesian non-Muslim] asking me, “Why do you allow Muslims into your country?  They will destroy it”.

And, very tellingly, this.Can confirm.  I have a family member who has served in the Middle East numerous times now.  His opinion on Muslims and their potential immigration to the West? – “You don’t want them here.” He would know.”

Soldiers returned from deployment talk to other soldiers.  And even more importantly, not a few of them talk to their families and their good friends. And the word about Islam – what it really is like, what Muslims when at home, in their own countries, routinely do to each other and to any vulnerable Infidel  – spreads, and spreads, and spreads, unstoppably, gaining momentum as people become curious and start investigating the canonical texts and – especially in older books, so many of them digitised now and there to be read, quietly at home, online – documented history of Islam. 

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